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Q: #68. Will we work in Heaven?

     A: I believe that we will. Clearly we will work in some capacity because the Bible says that we will “serve” God (Rev 7:15)(Rev 22:3), and serving is work. We will “reign” with Jesus (Rev 22:5)(Rev 20:4,6)(Rev 5:10), and that is also work. Jesus said in (Jn 5:17) the Father is continually working, and if He is, I think it is safe to say we will as well.

     Work is commended in the Bible as a GOOD thing. Personally, I believe we will all have jobs of some sort in Heaven. Hard toil, struggle, sweat, and pain in work is a part of the curse that came with sin (Gen 3:17-20). Heaven will be free from those curses that came with sin. Because of this, I believe that the work we do will be a pleasure for us. I do not think that we will just be “floating on clouds” or sitting around doing nothing.

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