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Q: #195. Why are there so many Republican Christians?

     A: From a political standpoint, there are a number of issues that divide Republicans and Democrats such as: more or less government, taxes, universal health care, immigration, and environment to name a few. In general, these are not really spiritual issues. However, there ARE 3 issues that are most certainly spiritual issues that Republicans and Democrats (in general) divide over. These are: abortion, homosexuality (gay rights), and embryonic stem-cell research. And (again in general, not ALL Republicans or Democrats can be lumped together), Republicans are against all of these issues while Democrats support them (usually pro-choice for abortion).

     The Bible is quite clear that each of these issues is wrong and sinful. For the sake of space, I will refer you to my previous studies as to why abortion and homosexuality (or homosexual marriage) are sinful.

     As for stem-cell research, there are basically two types: adult and embryonic. Christians should not oppose adult stem-cell research, which takes stem-cells from living bone marrow, brain tissue, umbilical cord blood, or placentas. This does not result in any loss of life. However, embryonic stem-cell research DOES result in loss of life. In this procedure, a female egg is fertilized by sperm, and once an embryo is conceived, it is destroyed to harvest the stem-cells from it.

     The Bible tells us clearly that God views life as beginning at the moment of conception (when an embryo is conceived)(Ps 139:13-16)(Jer 1:5)(Isa 44:24)(Isa 49:1). God knows exactly the person that embryo will become (or would have become…), so to destroy that embryo is murder.

     Some Christians place these issues on the “back burner” to vote for candidates who will, for example, divert more money (taxes) to social programs to help the poor (generally a Democratic platform). While I agree that helping the poor is very important, it is unconscionable to me that one could vote for any person who supports murder, but wants to help the poor. (Honestly, in my opinion, if churches were taking the roles they should be taking in the first place, we wouldn’t need the government to be helping the poor in the first place.)

     I should also add here that a number of people who do place the issue of poverty ahead of the issues of pro-life and homosexuality, do so because they put a wrongful emphasis on the teachings (or lack thereof) of Jesus in the Bible. During Jesus’ ministry in the Bible, He focused on helping the poor, sick, needy, and sinful. He never addressed issues relating to pro-life or homosexuality. Because of this, it is reasoned that what He (Jesus) did and said was more important to Jesus (and God the Father) than the issues of pro-life and homosexuality. This is simply UNTRUE, and stems from the fact that some believe Jesus’ words in the Bible are more important than what the rest of the Bible says (why I am not a fan of red-letter Bibles). ALL of the Bible is God speaking to man. No words are any more or less important than another, not even Jesus’ words.

     Jesus’ life in the Bible is the perfect example of how we should live our lives. We should strive to become more and more like Jesus each day (Eph 4:13,15)(Phil 3:12-14)(2 Cor 3:17-18)(Rom 8:29), including how He helped those in need. However, we should not place any greater emphasis on His words or teachings, nor think that because He did not address certain issues that the rest of the Bible does address (i.e. Paul), that those issues aren’t VERY important to God as well. ALL of the Bible is inspired by God (2 Tim 3:16)(2 Pet 1:20-21)(Ps 138:2). The same God who inspired the authors of the Gospels to write what whey wrote (about what Jesus said and did) inspired the authors of the other books of the Bible to write what they wrote.

     Having said all of this, we should also remember that the Bible says that no one is in authority that God has not placed there (or allowed to be placed there) (Rom 13:1-2)(Jn 19:11)(Dan 2:21). Whether or not we agree with them, the Bible says we are to pray for them (1 Tim 2:1-3), and honor, respect, and submit to them (Rom 13:1-7)(1 Pet 2:13-15)(Titus 3:1).

Copyright: © Steve Shirley

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Jack James

I am an Independent voter who usually votes for the person, not the party. How can I justify voting for a Democratic candidate for President when I just don’t trust the Republican candidate? I have had more than one pastor tell me that if I voted for a Democrat I would go to Hell.