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Q: #29. Who created God?

     A: There are lots of Christian theologians who can explain this using complex scientific terms and giving very complicated illustrations (trust me I looked). If you are looking for a much more detailed answer, I suggest you run a search online using “Who Created God,” and you will get PLENTY of detailed information.

     For those of you who want a short and simple answer, let me try and provide a fairly simple one. It has been proven scientifically that time, space (the universe), and matter are all connected together and had to have a beginning. This was formulated by Albert Einstein in his “Theory of General Relativity.”

     What brought about the beginning? The Bible says it was God (Gen 1:1)(Heb 1:10) (Ps 102:25)(Neh 9:6), and even Einstein, while not a Christian, apparently came to believe in the possibility of a higher power at work, based on this theory.

     SO… you ask, if everything has to have a beginning, wouldn’t God have to have a beginning too? No… Let me explain why.

First, all MATTER had to have a beginning, however, God is not composed of matter, but is spirit (Jn 4:24)(Lk 24:39)(Mt 16:17).

Second, God is everlasting, eternal, and not limited by time (Ps 90:2)(Ps 102:24-27)(Rom 16:26)(Isa 40:28)(Isa 43:13). He has always existed, and always will exist. He sees the past, present, and future all at once.

Third, God is omnipresent (Jer 23:23-24)(Prov 15:3)(Mt 10:29)(Job 34:21-22). He can and does exist outside of the confines of space (2 Chr 2:6)(1 Kin 8:27)(2 Chr 6:18).

Fourth, we know that anything that has been created, changes and wears down over time. However, God has NEVER, nor will He ever change (Heb 13:8)(Mal 3:6)(James 1:17)(Ps 102:26-27).

     This fourth explanation is also key in answering a question many critics ask: “If God has always existed, why can’t the universe, or the matter that formed it have always existed?” We clearly know that the universe is changing (i.e. it is both expanding and wearing down). This is perfectly explained by a scientific principle called the 2nd law of thermodynamics (or entropy). This states simply that things go from order to disorder, or organization to disorganization. For example, living things age and die, wound up things unwind, a clean house becomes messy, etc… In order to become organized again, energy must be expended (i.e. you must rewind the object, reclean the house, etc…).

     Clearly, anything that is wearing out or aging, and heading towards disorder or death, had to have at some point, a beginning (order). This is just as Einstein’s theory states.

     Does it take more faith to believe God has always existed, and created all things, or to believe time, space, and matter have always existed? I know my answer.

Copyright: © Steve Shirley

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