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Q: #46. Was Jesus a vegetarian?

     A: Clearly not. We know from (Lk 24:41-43) that Jesus ate broiled fish. In addition, eating lamb was a commandment from God for celebrating the Passover (Ex 12:1-10)(Deut 16:1-7). As a Jew, Jesus celebrated Passover (Lk 2:41-42)(Mt 26:17-29) (Mk 14:12-21)(Lk 22:7-23), and certainly would have obeyed the rules regarding it.

     The Bible says that whether one chooses to eat meat, or just vegetables, we should not condemn them either way (Rom 14:2-3). However, a sign of the end times will be an increase in the number of people condemning others for what they eat (1 Tim 4:3).

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