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Q: #490. How many times did Jesus speak to demons in the Bible?

     A: As I mention here, I believe that Jesus appeared in the Old Testament many times; more than most believe. I start with this because if I am correct, then Jesus may have spoken with demons “in the Bible” (i.e. Job 1:6-12, Job 2:1-7) more than I am listing here. What I am focusing on instead is simply how many times Jesus spoke to demons “in the Gospels” while He was on earth. In regards to this, I find 7 times that Jesus spoke to demons. Following are these times.

Where Did Jesus Speak To A DemonVerses
In The Wilderness (To Satan)(Mt 4:1-11)(Mk 1:12-13)(Lk 4:1-13)
At The Capernaum Synagogue(Mk 1:21-28)(Lk 4:31-37)
At Peter & Andrew’s House(Mk 1:32-34)(Mt 8:16-17)(Lk 4:40-41)
At The Sea Of Galilee(Mk 3:10-12)
At Gergesenes (Gadarenes)(Mt 8:28-32)(Mk 5:1-13)(Lk 8:26-33)
Caesarea Philippi? (Mt 16:13)(Mt 17:14-21)(Mk 9:17-29)(Lk 9:38-47)
Jerusalem (Lk 22:31-32 – implied)

***Note: It is interesting to note that Jesus is never shown to speak to a demon, or cast out a demon in the Gospel of John.

     Speaking of “casting out a demon,” in the next question, we will list how many total times Jesus “cast out demon” in the Gospels.

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