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Q: #473. How many times did God part a river or sea?

     A: God parted a river or sea 4 times in the Bible. Here is a list of these 4 times.

God Parted A River Or SeaVerses
1. God parted the Red Sea for Moses and the Israelites(Ex 14:21-22)
2. God parted the Jordan River for Joshua and the Israelites(Josh 3:14-17)
3. God parted the Jordan River for Elijah(2 Kin 2:8-9)
4. God parted the Jordan River for Elisha(2 Kin 2:14)

** Some add (Gen 1:6-7) to this list.

***Interesting note: A number of sources say that the place (after crossing the Jordan) where Elijah was taken up to Heaven in a chariot of fire after making Elisha his successor, was the approximately same place where Moses died after making Joshua his successor (Deut 34:1-6).

     Other verses related to this subject: (Neh 9:11)(Ps 66:6)(Ps 78:13)(Ps 106:9)(Ps 114:3,5)(Ps 136:13)(Isa 11:15)(Isa 51:10)(Isa 63:12-13)(1 Cor 10:1)(Heb 11:29).

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