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Q: #365. What is a "spirit guide?"

     A: First off, let me say that attempting to use “spirit guides” is against the Bible. In addition, many of the things associated with this practice are also condemned by God.

     In short, it is taught by those who use “spirit guides” that they are generally people (sometimes ancestors) who once lived (had a “physical incarnation”), but died. However, some also believe they can be “spirits” who have never had a “physical incarnation.” These “spirits” can also be animals, or simply “energy.” Those who believe “spirit guides” were once human often believe that these “spirit guides” are now on a “higher spiritual plain” (sometimes called an “ascended master”), and as such, they are better able  to “guide” or teach a person. (Some call Jesus an “ascended master.”) They are said to be able to guide, teach, and direct a person’s life in many ways, such as through: meditation, intuition, channeling, hypnotism, psychics, divination, dreams, and more. “Spirit guides” are often associated with the New Age movement, paganism, and Native American religion.

     The Bible condemns EVERYTHING to do with this practice. Perhaps the primary verses condemning this are called seeking after “familiar spirits.” God condemns this practice (Deut 18:10-11)(Lev 19:31)(2 Kin 21:6), and says He will “set His face against” those who practice it (Lev 20:6), and that they should be “put to death” (Lev 20:27).

     The Oxford Dictionary calls “witchcraft” the practice of magic, especially black magic; the use of spells and the [invocation of spirits].” (2 Chr 33:6) says those who practice this “anger God” and (Gal 5:19-21) says that this is a “work of the flesh,” and that those who practice it “will not inherit the kingdom of God.”

     The Bible also condemns “consulting the dead” (necromancy) (Deut 18:10-11) , and practicing divination (Deut 18:10)(2 Kin 17:17)(Acts 16:16-18). You will also find psychics (mediums) condemned in many of these verses.

** Other practices like this that the Bible condemns can be found here.

     PLEASE, have nothing to do with “spirit guides,” and those who encourage people to use them! It is thoroughly demonic and dangerous.

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