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Q: #91. What is situational ethics?

     A: The term “situational ethics” was coined by a man in the 60’s who was a priest, but as I understand it, later became an atheist (this should tell us something). This term has at its center that love should be the overriding factor in all situations. Whatever would be the more “loving” thing to do in any situation should be the course of action to take, even if it breaks the law or God’s commandments. There are no absolutes of right or wrong, it just depends on the situation. For instance:

If a baby would grow up in a home of drug abuse, the “loving” thing would be to abort it.

If an unhappy person wants to commit suicide, we should let him because it isn’t “loving” to prolong his life.

If a man can’t afford to buy food for his family, it is ok to steal it.

Murdering 10 people to save 1000 is acceptable. (the greater good)

     These examples can go on and on… If you think about this rationally, it isn’t too hard to figure out how much of a mess this kind of thinking can make. Sadly… it seems our world is increasingly thinking in these ways.

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