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Q: #32. Should a Christian celebrate Halloween?

     A: Should a Christian celebrate Halloween or not? Let me first say that when I originally wrote this study, I had it on my site for dividing issues, because while I wanted to address this topic, I did not want to have it become a dividing issue amongst Christians. I decided to move it here, and state right off, this is MY opinion, and ask that you simply take it as such. Whether you choose to celebrate this “holiday” or not is your choice. I simply write this to give you some points to consider and pray about as you make this decision for yourself and your family.

     So… what is my opinion of Halloween? I believe that it is a day that Christians should have nothing to do with. Like millions of children, I grew up celebrating this day. It is only after I became a Christian and started to read about Halloween and what it stood for that I decided this was not a day I wanted to take part in.

     Halloween is considered a religious holiday by witches called Samhein. It is their most important holy day of the year. It is also known as “The Feast Of The Dead.” Pagans celebrate this as a memorial day for dead friends and family. Historically, it was believed that the souls of the dead came back and returned home to celebrate and be entertained with food (Treat). If they were not appeased, then the spirits could seek vengeance (Trick). This is how the saying “Trick or Treat” came into being. Witches consider this the best night for tarot card reading. A night when the veil between our world and the other world is at its thinnest. It is a night for seances, scrying (a form of divination), and rune casting (a type of psychic reading). It is also considered the start of a “New Year.”

     The symbols people use today to celebrate Halloween such as dressing up in costumes, Jack O Lanterns, black cats, etc… all have their roots in Pagan traditions. Most of these traditions came about in conjunction with appeasing or warding off evil spirits.

     I have often heard the argument by people that Christmas and Easter both have roots in Paganism as well and Christians celebrate these days, so why not Halloween too? How do we reply? I believe we need to ask these questions.

1. What is the Godly message of Halloween?
2. How does God receive the glory on Halloween.
3. What do Christians celebrate at Christmas, at Easter, at Halloween?
* At Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus.
* At Easter we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.
* At Halloween we celebrate………?

     In addition, more damage and harm are done on Halloween than any other day of the year. It was recently reported that Halloween has replaced New Years for the most alcohol related deaths. It is a day where fear and horror are emphasized. Movies and t.v. shows focusing on violence, murder, and the occult are at the forefront.

     As Christians, I believe that we need to consider these Biblical points.

(1 Th 5:22) Tells us to avoid any appearance of evil. Celebrating this day may certainly give the appearance we are supporting evil things.

(1 Cor 10:31) Tells us we should do ALL things for the glory of God. God is not glorified on Halloween.

(Eph 5:9)(1 Cor 5:6) Tells us that a little yeast leavens a whole lump of dough. We are the lump of dough, Halloween is the yeast. Taking part in Halloween, and the evil associated with it, can open a door for these evil things (yeast) to enter our lives.

(Rom 13:12)(Eph 5:11) Tells us to have nothing to do with darkness. Halloween is a day that celebrates “darkness.”

(Mt 5:14-16) Jesus tells us instead that we are to be a “light” to the world.

     How can we be a light in the midst of darkness on Halloween? A lot of churches offer alternatives on this “holiday” such as fall festivals or Judgment Houses. Fall festivals can be a wonderful opportunity to share the gospel and place an emphasis on Jesus while still having some fun and fellowship. Judgment Houses have become one of the most awesome ways to share Christ I have seen recently. Usually some sort of tragedy is acted out where people die and some go to Heaven and some go to Hell. The glories of Heaven and the terrors of Hell are shown in detail, and then at the end people are given the opportunity to receive Jesus as Savior. Around the country, thousands have come to put their faith in Jesus Christ as a result. Christian alternatives to Halloween can be a great opportunity to share your faith with unsaved loved ones and friends. We CAN bring something positive out of the evil surrounding this day.

     Thank you for allowing me to share my opinion.

Copyright: © Steve Shirley

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Anthony Le Gendre

I have been for many years, pondering over the best way to study the Holy Bible. to seek answers to my questions and to seek righteous guidance. Unlike many others, you constantly provide decisive bible references to support your statements. Today, I begin what I know will be a fruitful journey and I want to thank you so much for what you are doing.