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Science And The Bible

     This is my Top 10 list of the many scientific principles found in the Bible that could only have been known by God-given inspiration. Many of these facts were not discovered until centuries later. Some of these seem incredibly obvious to us now, but in those days, they were far beyond the knowledge of that time.

The Earth is a circle in shape (Isa 40:22)Unknown at that time.
The dimensions of Noah’s Ark were the ideal ratio for a ship of that kind (Gen 6:15)Discovered only in recent times
Blood is the source of life (Lev 17:11)Until this was discovered, people used to be “bled” to remove impurities.
(This may have contributed to the death of George Washington.)
The stars are uncountable (Jer 33:22)(Gen 15:5)It was believed there were about 1100 stars.
The Earth hangs on nothing (Job 26:7)It was believed that something supported the Earth.
Matter is composed of unseen elements (Heb 11:3)Not known until atoms were discovered
Day in one part of the world and night in another (Lk 17:34-36)It was believed everyone had day and night at the same time.
Burying human waste (Deut 23:12-14)It was not known that this prevented diseases. Many plagues throughout history occurred as a result of failing to follow this practice.
Washing with “running water” (Lev 15:13)For disease prevention, “running” water was a key thing. For thousands of years afterwards, many people washed their hands in water-filled basins which passed on diseases.
Unclean foods (Lev 11)The foods which God called unclean all have negative health benefits. Many of the unclean animals were scavengers.

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