Q: #99. My Bible mentions unicorns. Were there unicorns at one time?

By: Steve Shirley

    A: The KJV Bible is the only Bible version that mentions "unicorns" (9 times). Most other translations translate the word unicorn as "wild ox." Some believe it may have been something called "aurochs" or "urus," which are now extinct, but similar to a rhinoceros.

     The KJV translators apparently realized they may have made a mistake using the word unicorn, because in (Deut 33:17) it says, "And his horns are like the horns of unicorns." The problem with this verse is that "unicorns" should have read "a unicorn." The word was meant to be singular, not plural, and they realized this, placing in their marginal notes "an unicorn." If made singular, it clearly shows unicorns have "horns" not one horn. Other translations make this word singular.

     There is no archaeological evidence that what we consider a unicorn (a horse with a single horn) ever existed.

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