Q: #48. Can Satan be saved?

By: Steve Shirley

    A: No. First, it is important to understand that Satan is a created angel who was kicked out of Heaven. Most believe he was named Lucifer, and God removed him because of pride (Ezek 28:12-19) and wanting to become like God (Isa 14:12-15).
*** Note: Based on (Rev 12:3-4,7-9), it appears that one-third of the other angels that God created fell with him.

    Satan was separated (and removed) from God's presence for the same reason ALL humans are: sin! HOWEVER, Jesus Christ became a man (the Incarnation), and gave His life to pay for the sins of man. We are saved from the penalty of our sins by accepting His sacrifice. (Heb 2:14-17) tells us that Jesus made this sacrifice for humans, but not for angels. In fact, angels cannot even understand the joy and blessings attached to salvation (1 Pet 1:12).

    It is also clear in scripture, that even if the possibility existed for Satan (and his angels) to confess his sins and repent, he would never do so, nor would he ever surrender his life to Jesus. He is thoroughly evil. (I discuss this here.)

     Having said this, let me add that God is all knowing (omniscient). God already knows, and has always known that Satan would continually oppose Him for eternity. God has prophesied Satan's destruction, and His prophesies ALWAYS come to pass. The Bible tells us in (Rev 20:10) that Satan will one day end up in the "Lake of Fire" for all eternity. If Satan was ever going to repent, this prophecy would not come to pass. Therefore, it is certain that Satan will always oppose God.

     Satan hates everything that God stands for, and his fate is sealed. His main mission now is to try and bring as many humans with him as he can (1 Pet 5:8).

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