Q: #145. What will our new glorified bodies be like?

By: Steve Shirley

    A: The Bible tells us that our bodies will be like the body Jesus had after His resurrection (Phil 3:21)(1 Cor 15:48-49)(1 Jn 3:2). This being the case, we can look at several examples of things He did in His resurrection body, that we should also be able to do.


walked (Lk 24:15)
talked (Lk 24:19,25-27,36-39)
ate (Lk 24:42-43)(Jn 21:12-15)
was able to move from one place to another instantly (Lk 24:36)
(angels can do this, and we will share some of the same characteristics as the angels: Mt 22:30)
had the ability to pass through solid objects (Jn 20:19,26)
could vanish from sight (Lk 24:31)

     In addition, these new bodies will:

be made of flesh and bone (Lk 24:39)
be powerful not weak (1 Cor 15:43)
be imperishable (1 Cor 15:42)
never die (1 Cor 15:54)(Lk 20:36)
eat (Rev 19:9: Marriage Supper of the Lamb)(Rev 22:2: Fruit Trees)
drink (Mt 26:29)(Lk 22:30)

     Jesus' resurrected body looked nearly identical to the body He had before His resurrection. His disciples knew who He was, and I believe we will also have the same basic recognizable features minus the ravages of sickness or disease. We will have the perfect body for us. This is a moment that Paul eagerly anticipated (Rom 8:23)(2 Cor 5:1-7) and that should be a great comfort for each of us.

     In the previous question, I discuss: When will we receive our new glorified bodies?

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