Q: #12. Will we remember people and events from Earth when we get to Heaven?

By: Steve Shirley

    A: The answer to this question is not made clear in the Bible. I do believe, however, that a case can be made that we will indeed remember both people and events. Let me give some reasons why I hold this position.

#1. The story of the rich man and Lazarus (Lk 16:19-31) is probably one of the best examples. The rich man knew the names of Abraham and Lazarus (Lk 16:23-24). Abraham demonstrated that we have memory of events, saying, "...Son, remember that thou in thy lifetime receivedst thy good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things..." (Lk 16:25). The rich man also remembered he had five brothers on Earth (Lk 16:28).

#2. When Jesus was resurrected from the dead, He came back to Earth in a glorified body (as we will one day receive). There were visible signs of His crucifixion for all to see, with holes in his hands, feet, and side. As this was indeed His NEW body, I believe we will all see Him again one day, and see these same reminders of Jesus crucifixion and subsequent resurrection from the dead, and we will remember the story behind them.

#3. There will be a time when all believers will come before the Judgment Seat of Christ, and will be judged and held accountable for their sins, as well as receiving rewards for the good done   (Rom 14:10-12)(1 Cor 3:11-14)(2 Cor 5:9-10). It seems quite apparent to me that we would have to know the evil deeds that we are being held accountable for, as well as the good works for which we are being rewarded.

#4. In (Rev 6:9-10), we see in Heaven the souls of people who are martyred for the testimony they gave in the tribulation. They ask the Lord how long it would be until He takes vengeance on those who killed them. It seems apparent that they have a memory of being killed for their testimony while they are residing in Heaven.

#5. David appears to be fully expecting to be reunited with his dead son one day (1 Sam 28:15).

     There are other proofs I have seen people give to make this point while I was studying this topic, but I find flaws with a number of them, so I did not list them here (i.e. When Samuel was brought back from the dead he knew Saul (1 Sam 28:15-19). But, was it really Samuel? Smile I discuss this here.

     Personally, I long for that day when I will see the Lord face to face, and, the loved ones who have gone before me. In addition, I truly look forward to meeting all of the people FACE TO FACE who have been ministered to over the years in this online ministry, and ESPECIALLY those who have come to a personal relationship with Christ as a result. What a day that will be, WooHooo!

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