Questions & Answers 501-600

Q: #501. Was a rope tied around the ankle of the High Priest when he entered the Holy of Holies?

Q: #502. Did the priests walk barefoot while serving in the Tabernacle / Temple?

Q: #503. What did Jesus mean when He told Peter, "Satan has asked to sift you as wheat" (Lk 22:31)?

Q: #504. How many times does the New Testament mention singing?

Q: #505. Who was Theophilus (Lk 1:3)(Acts 1:1)?

Q: #506. How many centurions are mentioned in the Bible?

Q: #507. Did Isaiah really walk "naked" for 3 years (Isa 20:2-3)?

Q: #508. Why does the Bible call "the flesh" sinful?

Q: #509. Can a Christian find pleasure or enjoyment in sin?

Q: #510. Why did Paul call Ananias a "whitewashed wall" in (Acts 23:3)?

Q: #511. What does it mean to "practice" sin (1 Jn 3:9)? How do I know if I am practicing sin?

Q: #512. Does the Bible talk about birthdays? Is it wrong for Christians to celebrate birthdays?

Q: #513. What is brimstone in the Bible?

Q: #514. Why does God ask questions in the Bible if He is omniscient, and already knows the answers?

Q: #515. What does it mean to "quench the spirit" (1 Th 5:19)?

Q: #516. What is the "crown of boasting" (1 Th 2:19)?

Q: #517. How many times did Paul ask people to pray for him?

Q: #518. How many times did Paul present a defense in the book of Acts?

Q: #519. What is a "holy kiss" (Rom 16:16)(1 Cor 16:20)(2 Cor 13:12)(1 Th 5:26)?

Q: #520. How long was it from the time of Jesus' death until He appeared to Paul on the road to Damascus?

Q: #521. How many people did Jesus appear to after His resurrection?

Q: #522. Who is called "faithful" in the Bible?

Q: #523. What does (1 Tim 2:15) mean when it says, "she will be saved in childbearing?"

Q: #524. Who was John the Baptist?

Q: #525. What is "living water" (Jn 4:10)?

Q: #526. How many of the 12 disciples were directly called by Jesus?

Q: #527. How many times was Jesus accused of "blasphemy?"

Q: #528. How many times did Jesus heal the blind?

Q: #529. How old was Paul (Saul) when Stephen was stoned?

Q: #530. How many times did Jesus cry (weep)?

Q: #531. Why did the Jews wave palm branches when Jesus entered Jerusalem?

Q: #532. In (Gen 14:14) it says that Abram "pursued them to Dan". However "Dan" was not established until generations later. If Moses wrote Genesis as thought, or as tradition says how could this be, since Dan did not exist until long after Moses' death?

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