Questions & Answers 501-600

Q: #501. Was a rope tied around the ankle of the High Priest when he entered the Holy of Holies?

Q: #502. Did the priests walk barefoot while serving in the Tabernacle / Temple?

Q: #503. What did Jesus mean when He told Peter, "Satan has asked to sift you as wheat" (Lk 22:31)?

Q: #504. How many times does the New Testament mention singing?

Q: #505. Who was Theophilus (Lk 1:3)(Acts 1:1)?

Q: #506. How many centurions are mentioned in the Bible?

Q: #507. Did Isaiah really walk "naked" for 3 years (Isa 20:2-3)?

Q: #508. Why does the Bible call "the flesh" sinful?

Q: #509. Can a Christian find pleasure or enjoyment in sin?

Q: #510. Why did Paul call Ananias a "whitewashed wall" in (Acts 23:3)?

Q: #511. What does it mean to "practice" sin (1 Jn 3:9)? How do I know if I am practicing sin?

Q: #512. Does the Bible talk about birthdays? Is it wrong for Christians to celebrate birthdays?

Q: #513. What is brimstone in the Bible?

Q: #514. Why does God ask questions in the Bible if He is omniscient, and already knows the answers?

Q: #515. What does it mean to "quench the spirit" (1 Th 5:19)?

Q: #516. What is the "crown of boasting" (1 Th 2:19)?

Q: #517. How many times did Paul ask people to pray for him?

Q: #518. How many times did Paul present a defense in the book of Acts?

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