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Questions & Answers 401-500

Q: #401. How many times did Jesus give thanks to the Father while on earth?

Q: #402. How many children did Noah have?

Q: #403. How many times is God called “faithful” in the Bible?

Q: #404. What is the difference between theology and doctrine?

Q: #405. You said that only two people died by hanging in the Bible: (Ahithophel – 2 Sam 17:23) and (Judas – Mt 27:5); but what about (Es 7:10) which says, “So they hanged Haman on the gallows?”

Q: #406. What is the armor of God?

Q: #407. Why was Jesus so mean to the woman from Canaan who asked for help, calling her a “dog” (Mt 15:26)?

Q: #408. Why does (1 Cor 15:5) say that Jesus appeared to “the twelve” apostles after His resurrection when there could only have been eleven at that time?

Q: #409. Is Jesus praying for us right now?

Q: #410. What is a Scythian in the Bible (Col 3:11)?

Q: #411. Who was Moses’ father?

Q: #412. What do B.C. and A.D. mean?

Q: #413. What day is Easter celebrated on?

Q: #414. How many Mary’s are in the Bible?

Q: #415. Was Mary (the mother of Jesus) sinless?

Q: #416. Would God/Jesus build a border wall?

Q: #417. Why did Jesus get baptized?

Q: #418. What does (2 Peter 3:8) mean, “with the Lord one day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years like one day?”

Q: #419. Did the Jews pray at certain times?

Q: #420. Who is Beelzebub?

Q: #421. How many “ites” are in the Bible?

Q: #422. Is Jesus appearing to people today?

Q: #423. Does tithing to the storehouse (Mal 3:10) apply to the church today?

Q: #424. What did Jesus do during His 40 days on Earth after His resurrection?

Q: #425. Does Jesus have a body in Heaven right now?

Q: #426. What is an anthropomorphism?

Q: #427. Can we cast lots to know God’s will like they did in the Bible?

Q: #428. What ever happened to Joseph, Jesus’ father?

Q: #429. Do we have guardian angels?

Q: #430. Was Mary Magdalene a prostitute?

Q: #431. Why did John call Jesus the “Word” in (Jn 1:1,14)(1 Jn 1:1)(1 Jn 5:7)(Rev 19:13)?

Q: #432. Is Solomon in Hell?

Q: #433. In question #140, you said the “sons of God” in (Gen 6:1-4) were descendants of Seth. Do you believe (Jude 1:6) is tied to these verses in Genesis? If so, this makes it sound like the “sons of God” would be angels. Can you explain?

Q: #434. Where did the 12 disciples die?

Q: #435. Is it idolatry to “Pledge Allegiance To The Flag?”

Q: #436. When did Satan fall?

Q: #437. Why did Paul and Barnabas split (Acts 15:36-41)?

Q: #438. Do Jews go to Heaven?

Q: #439. Who was Barabbas in the Bible?

Q: #440. What does the Bible say about gossiping?

Q: #441. Did Jesus baptize anyone?

Q: #442. Was Jesus crucified on a cross or a stake?

Q: #443. Is it ok to call a priest / bishop “Father?”

Q: #444. Where is Heaven?

Q: #445. What was frankincense in the Bible?

Q: #446. What was myrrh in the Bible?

Q: #447. Why are the genealogies of Jesus different in Matthew and Luke?

Q: #448. Was Jesus really a carpenter?

Q: #449. What does the word “shiggaion” mean in Psalm 7:1 (or “shigionoth” in Hab 3:1)?

Q: #450. How many people are called “righteous” in the Bible?

Q: #451. Were there sacrifices for intentional sin in the Old Testament?

Q: #452. What was the difference between a “sin offering” and a “trespass / guilt offering?”

Q: #453. Why is Good Friday called “good?”

Q: #454. How many times did people have “dreams or visions” in the Bible?

Q: #455. Can a Christian drink alcohol / wine and beer?

Q: #456. What was the mark God placed upon Cain (Gen 4:15)?

Q: #457. What are phylacteries (Mt 23:5)?

Q: #458. What is an ox goad / oxgoad (Judg 3:31)?

Q: #459. What did Jesus mean when He told Paul: “it is hard for thee to kick against the goads / pricks” (Acts 9:5)(Acts 26:14)?

Q: #460. Explain the Trinity!

Q: #461. What does the Godhead mean (Acts 17:29)(Rom 1:20)(Col 2:9)?

Q: #462. What is gluttony? Is gluttony a sin?

Q: #463. Is being overweight / fat a sin?

Q: #464. Was Jesus nailed to the cross through His hands or wrists?

Q: #465. How many times did God use the rod of Moses, and the rod of Aaron?

Q: #466. How many times is Jesus called the “Son of God” in the Gospels?

Q: #467. How many Caesars are mentioned in the Bible?

Q: #468. How many islands are mentioned by name in the Bible?

Q: #469. How many rivers are mentioned in the Bible?

Q: #470. Is (Mt 18:19-20) speaking about agreement in prayer when it says “where two or three are gathered, I am in the midst?”

Q: #471. Did Samson break his Nazarite (Nazirite) vow?

Q: #472. If Christians pray together, is God more likely to answer their prayer?

Q: #473. How many times did God part a river or sea?

Q: #474. Who are the oldest men in the Bible?

Q: #475. What does the phrase “gnashing of teeth” mean in (Mt 8:12)(Mt 13:42,50)(Mt 22:30)(Mt 24:51(Mt 25:30)(Lk 13:28)?

Q: #476. How many times did Jesus eat with others in the Bible? What did Jesus talk about and do while sharing a meal?

Q: #477. The Bible says, “God won’t give you more than you can handle,” right?

Q: #478. How many wives did King David have in the Bible?

Q: #479. Where does the Bible say Jesus was sinless?

Q: #480. Who was Cornelius in the Bible?

Q: #481. I know the Bible says it is wrong to talk to the dead, but why is it wrong?

Q: #482. Were Noah and Abraham alive at the same time?

Q: #483. Will God burn up the earth one day?

Q: #484. What does “lead us not into temptation” mean in the Lord’s Prayer (Mt 6:13)?

Q: #485. Are dragons mentioned in the Bible?

Q: #486. Why did God call Ezekiel “son of man?”

Q: #487. Who was Epaphroditus in the book of Philippians?

Q: #488. What do we know about the city of Philadelphia in the Bible?

Q: #489. What is the “synagogue of Satan” in (Rev 2:9)(Rev 3:9)?

Q: #490. How many times did Jesus speak to demons in the Bible?

Q: #491. How many times did Jesus cast out a demon in the Bible?

Q: #492. What was a concubine in the Bible?

Q: #493. Who was Barnabas in the Bible?

Q: #494. Was Mark the cousin or nephew of Barnabas?

Q: #495. Who were the Hellenists in (Acts 8:1)(Acts 9:29)(Acts 11:20)?

Q: #496. In speaking of the law, what does (Gal 3:19) mean when it says, “it was ordained by angels in the hand of a mediator?”

Q: #497. What are some Bible verses that say a Christian’s life should be an example to others?

Q: #498. How many widows are mentioned in the Bible?

Q: #499. What was a Levirate Marriage?

Q: #500. Was King James, who commissioned the KJV Bible, a homosexual?