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Questions & Answers 1-100

Q: #1. Someone told me that the King James Version of the Bible is inerrant and infallible and all other versions of the Bible are corrupt. Does this mean I should read only the King James Bible?

Q: #2. I hear some people teaching that when we die, our soul goes to sleep until Jesus returns, and we are resurrected. Does the Bible say this?

Q: #3. Are dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible?

Q: #4. Does the constitution really say that church and state should be separate?

Q: #5. Is there anything God can’t do?

Q: #6. What is the Age of Accountability?

Q: #7. Why did Jesus speak in parables so often?

Q: #8. What was Paul’s “thorn in the flesh?”

Q: #9. What did Jesus look like?

Q: #10. Did Adam have a bellybutton?

Q: #11. Does God have a sense of humor?

Q: #12. Will we remember people and events from Earth when we get to Heaven?

Q: #13. Will there be time in Heaven?

Q: #14. Is it true that we will receive a new name in Heaven?

Q: #15. Who was Melchizedek?

Q: #16. Why does God say jealousy is a sin, but then says He is jealous?

Q: #17. What is the difference between a ceremonial law and a moral law?

Q: #18. What are the signs of the end times and Jesus’ return?

Q: #19 What happens to those people who have never heard of Jesus?

Q: #20 Did God condone slavery?

Q: #21. Does God change His mind?

Q: #22. What is Biblical accountability?

Q: #23. Is it wrong for married people to have opposite sex friendships?

Q: #24. Why did God create us?

Q: #25. Did God create evil?

Q: #26. Should a Christian fear God?

Q: #27. Is it ok to question God?

Q: #28. Is it ok to doubt God?

Q: #29. Who created God?

Q: #30. Why is it important to seek God’s presence?

Q: #31. How were people saved in the Old Testament?

Q: #32. Should a Christian celebrate Halloween?

Q: #33. Did God really hate Esau?

Q: #34. How does Satan try to counterfeit the things of God?

Q: #35. Where was the Garden of Eden, and what happened to it?

Q: #36. Can a person deny the deity of Jesus and still be saved?

Q: #37. What does it mean to have a revival?

Q: #38. If God already knows what we are going to pray for, why do we even need to pray?

Q: #39. Someone told me Jesus was created because the Bible calls Him “begotten.” What does “begotten” mean in these verses?

Q: #40. I hear some Christians being called “fundies.” They say it like it like it is bad, What does this mean?

Q: #41. How did the 12 disciples die?

Q: #42. Why did Jesus say “Ye are gods?”

Q: #43. Is cremation a bad thing?

Q: #44. Did it rain before the flood?

Q: #45. Did man eat meat before the flood?

Q: #46. Was Jesus a vegetarian?

Q: #47. Was Paul married?

Q: #48. Can Satan be saved?

Q: #49. I have a friend who is completely rebelling against God, but thinks it is ok because God will forgive it anyway. What should I say?

Q: #50. How does a person who believes in eternal security explain the word “apostasy?

Q: #51. I have a friend who is a Christian, but he is practicing a certain sin and doesn’t care, or want to stop it. Should I continue to be friends with this person?

Q: #52. If we do something that we don’t know is a sin, does God consider it sinning against Him?

Q: #53. Is listening to non-Christian music wrong?

Q: #54. I want to tithe, but should I give 10% of the gross or net on my paycheck?

Q: #55. What is legalism?

Q: #56. I am 17. At what age do we no longer need to obey our parents?

Q: #57. I am a new Christian, and I need a Bible. What do you recommend?

Q: #58. I am a new Christian. What study materials do you recommend to help me grow?

Q: #59. Can a small child be saved?

Q: #60. What is the Roman Road?

Q: #61. I think Christianity is a crutch for weak people!

Q: #62. Why has God required blood to be shed to pay for sins?

Q: #63. (Question from a 10 yr old!) If demons, who are fallen angels can get inside of a non-Christian’s body, can good angels get inside of a Christian’s body?

Q: #64. Are there aliens on other planets?

Q: #65. Could aliens be visiting us?

Q: #66. Is it ok for Christians to live together if they aren’t having sex?

Q: #67. Can Satan read our minds?

Q: #68. Will we work in Heaven?

Q: #69. Who will be the two witnesses in the Tribulation?

Q: #70. What were Jesus’ last words before He died?

Q: #71. Who, or what, is the Antichrist?

Q: #72. I recently visited a church that practices foot-washing, and they believe it is an ordinance Jesus commanded us to do. Is this true?

Q: #73. Where did Jesus go for the 3 days between His death on the cross and His resurrection?

Q: #74. How many angels are there?

Q: #75. How can God become a man?

Q: #76. Does the Bible say we can tell if someone is or isn’t a Christian by whether or not they will say “Jesus is Lord?”

Q: #77. Do I need to pray silently to keep Satan from hearing, or in tongues to keep Satan from understanding my prayers?

Q: #78. Does God literally erase people’s names from the Book of Life?

Q: #79. Is there anything wrong with interracial marriage?

Q: #80. Does the Bible mention any black people?

Q: #81. What does Paul mean in (1 Cor 15:29) when he says people are “baptized for the dead?”

Q: #82. Should the death penalty be allowed?

Q: #83. Does God really forget our sins?

Q: #84. I recently read that the term “God help those who help themselves” isn’t in the Bible. Is this true? Are there other things like this not found in the Bible?

Q: #85. Sin is sin. All sin is equal to God, right?

Q: #86. What does the word “selah” mean?

Q: #87. What are some good Christian acronyms for words like: Amen, Bible, Faith, Grace, and Joy?

Q: #88. When a believer appears at the Judgment Seat Of Christ, will any of his sins be brought up?

Q: #89. What rewards will believers receive at the Judgment Seat Of Christ?

Q: #90. Who is Lucifer?

Q: #91. What is situational ethics?

Q: #92. Can you tell me what the following holidays mean and when we celebrate them? Ash Wednesday, Lent, Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Advent, and Epiphany?

Q: #93. Why did God reject Cain’s offering, but accept Abel’s?

Q: #94. Why did Jesus warn some people not to tell others of His miracles?

Q: #95. Is there a holding place between Heaven and Hell?

Q: #96. Is it ok to pray to Jesus?

Q: #97. What is a cult?

Q: #98. Was Hitler a Christian?

Q: #99. My Bible mentions unicorns. Were there unicorns at one time?

Q: #100. What does meekness mean in the Bible?