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     The Q&A section of JesusAlive is the most visited place on this site. I believe the reason for this is obvious. Millions of people (both Christian and non-Christian) have questions about the Bible and Christianity. I will try to answer as many of these questions as I can. These questions come from many different sources: some I am asked directly from visitors to this site, others I have been asked in other venues, and still others are simply one’s that I feel people would want answers to. Prayerfully, with God’s guidance, diligent study, and what I have been taught by others over the years who are FAR more knowledgeable than I ever will be, I can provide you with solid, Bible based answers to your questions. If you do not find an answer to a question you have, I recommend that you first put it into the search engine you will find on each page, as I may address it elsewhere on the site. If you still do not find an answer, you will see a place on the page where you can ask me directly. (It may, or may not, take me a while to answer, please be patient.)

*** Note: I firmly recommend that you do not take anyone’s word about what the Bible teaches, but rather, take what is taught and check it against the Bible for yourself. This is commended: (Acts 17:11)(1 Cor 10:15).