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     There is a story I recently heard somewhere. Two men were sitting in a tent in the desert having a discussion. All of a sudden, something ran quickly past the entrance and neither saw what it was. As they went to see what it was, they could see nothing in any direction. The 1st man said to the other, “It must have been a camel.” The second man replied, “No, it was a man.” “How do you know that” the 1st man replied? And the 2nd man replied, “Because of the footprints he has left behind for me to see.”

     This is how we can know that God exists. While we don’t see God personally, we can very clearly see His footprints all over pointing to who He is. The six categories below are examples of these “footprints” that point to God’s existence.

     The Bible says in (Rom 1:18-20)(Ps 19:1-2) that God has made His presence known to all men through creation. In Category #1, 10 questions are asked, which cast doubt on evolution, and point towards creation of the world by God.

     We can also know that God exists because the Bible can be proven to be accurate, true, and infallible. Categories 2-5 give examples of how we can demonstrate its reliability.

     The final Category, while not necessarily a “proof,” is given to show that many of the greatest scientific minds in history believed in God, thereby disproving that if you are a scientist, you cannot logically believe in God too.

     If you doubt the reality of God, it is my sincere prayer that you will consider the points made in this study.

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