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Q: #385. What is the correct posture for praying?

     A: The Bible does not tell us that there is any one “correct posture for praying.” People are shown to be praying in a number of different postures. Many of these (i.e. kneeling, laying prostrate, bowing) are a way of expressing humility, and humbling oneself before God. Ultimately though, God is far more concerned with our heart when praying than with our posture. Following is a list of different postures found in the Bible.

Kneeling: (1 Kin 18:42)(Dan 6:10)(Lk 22:41)(Acts 9:40)(Acts 20:36)(Eph 3:14)

Standing: (Gen 24:12-13)(2 Chr 20:5-6)(Neh 9:2-3)(Mt 6:5)(Mk 11:25)(Lk 18:11)

Prostrate: (Gen 17:3)(Num 20:6)(Josh 7:6)(2 Sam 12:16-17)(Mt 26:39)

Bowing: (Ex 34:8-9)(Neh 8:6)

While Laying In Bed: (1 Kin 1:47)(Ps 4:4)(Ps 63:6)

Sitting: (Judg 20:26)(2 Sam 7:18)(1 Chr 17:16)

Hands Lifted Up: (Ex 9:29)(1 Kin 8:22-23)(1 Tim 2:8)

Hands Lifted Up While Kneeling: (1 Kin 8:54)(2 Chr 6:12-13)(Ezra 9:5)

Beating On Breast: (Lk 18:13)

Looking Up To Heaven: (Mk 6:41)(Jn 11:41)(Jn 17:1)

     You can find more on what the Bible says about Prayer here.

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