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Q: #561. How many people "gave up the ghost" in the Bible?

     A: As I mention in more detail here, the phrase “gave up the ghost,” is only used in the KJV Bible. Looking at the Hebrew and Greek words, we know that it simply means “to die.” Other versions like the NKJV, NASB, and NIV generally use the term “breathed His last” or “died” instead. Of course, the Bible (KJV) talks about many people dying, but reserves this phrase “gave up the ghost” for only eight. I am sure some people out there have a theory as to why this phrase is used for only these 8, but I don’t know it. If I later find out a “logical” reason why, I may update.

     Here is a list of these 8 (4 from the Old Testament /  4 from the New Testament):

Abraham: (Gen 25:8)

Ishmael: (Gen 25:17)

Isaac: (Gen 35:29)

Jacob: (Gen 49:33)

Jesus: (Mt 27:50)(Mk 15:37,39)(Lk 23:46)(Jn 19:30)
***Note: Matthew and John use a different Greek word than Mark and Luke.

Ananias: (Acts 5:5)

Sapphira: (Acts 5:10)

Herod: (Acts 12:23)

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