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Q: #256. How many people built altars to God in the Old Testament?

     A: Almost every prominent person in the Old Testament built an altar at some point. The first altars made to God in the Bible were made by individuals. Eventually, these altars were replaced by 2 more permanent altars (“The Brazen Altar” and “The Altar Of Incense”), first in the Tabernacle, then in the Temple. I speak more about these altars here. In my studies, I found 17 examples of altars made to God.

Noah: (Gen 8:20)
Abraham: (Gen 12:7)(Gen 12:8)(Gen 13:18)(Gen 22:9-14)
Isaac: (Gen 26:25)
Jacob: (Gen 33:20)(Gen 35:1-7)
Moses: (Ex 17:15)(Ex 24:4)
Balaam/Balak: (Num 23:1,4,14,29)
Joshua: (Josh 8:30-31)
The Reubenites/Gadites/Half Tribe Manasseh: (Josh 22:10-11,16,26-27,34)
Gideon: (Judg 6:26-27)
Manoah: (Judg 13:19-20)
The Israelites: (Judg 21:4)
Samuel: (1 Sam 7:17)
Saul: (1 Sam 14:35)
David: (2 Sam 24:18-25)(1 Chr 21:18-26)
Solomon [For The Temple]:(1 Kin 6:20-21)(1 Kin 7:48)(1 Kin 9:25)
Elijah: (1 Kin 18:30-39)
Jeshua/Zerubabbel, And Their Brethren: (Ezra 3:2-3)

** Kings Asa (2 Chr 15:8) and Manasseh (2 Chr 33:16) both restored a destroyed altar.

** There were MANY Pagan altars built. A few who built these were: Jeroboam: (1 Kin 12:32-33), Ahab (1 Kin 18:25-26), and Ahaz: (2 Kin 16:10-16). God ordered the destruction of all Pagan altars (Ex 23:24)(Ex 34:13)(Deut 12:1-3)(Judg 6:25).

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