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Q: #332. If you could ask God one question, what would you ask?

     A: Of course, as Christians, we can go to God with our questions anytime in prayer. He often answers as well, using various means to do so: i.e. directly speaking to us, pointing us to something in His Word the Bible, using a dream or vision, using a person or event to tell us or confirm what we are feeling inside, as well as several other means. However, don’t most of us sometimes wonder if we are TRULY hearing from God on a particular matter? Hence, we have this question. What if we could meet God face to face and ask Him that one question we have ALWAYS wanted to know the answer to, and hear the answer directly from His lips?

     I guess that almost all Christians (and even many non-Christians) have thought about that one question they would like to ask. There are 1000’s of questions that people have, but I have found that there is a core of about 20 or so questions that come up over and over. Most of these have been addressed on the site such as:

Why do You allow suffering?
Is Jesus God?
Who created You?
Why did you create me?
Why did you create evil?
What is Heaven like?
Are Hell and Satan real?
Don’t all religions lead to You?
Can I lose my salvation?
What about those who have never heard of Jesus?

     Because I have studied the Bible fairly extensively, I really don’t have that many questions about things that the Bible gives us answers for, but rather, I have questions about things that the Bible doesn’t answer. I was first asked “What one question would you ask God?” in a small group many years ago, and my primary question has not changed since then. I got strange looks when I shared it then, and I am sure nothing has changed 🙂 . It is about my personal walk with the Lord. I would simply ask: “What am I doing wrong?”

     If I explain, maybe it will make a little more sense. I want to live my life in a way that is TOTALLY pleasing to God (I know I will always fall short!). This means in EVERY area of my life. Is what I am doing on a daily basis pleasing to Him? What things am I doing, or saying, or teaching that I should not be doing, or saying, or teaching? Am I using the spiritual gifts He has given me well? Am I leading my family in the way He wants? Am I being a good steward with what He has given me? If I am doing wrong in these, or many other areas, I want to know. I want to stop. I want to do His will.

     Of course, I also have MANY other questions I would love to ask. I would probably even ask some “dangerous questions” that I would be better off not knowing the answers to. For example, there are lots of good end times questions: When exactly is Jesus returning? Will I be on Earth when He returns? Who will be the Antichrist? Will I, or any of my loved ones go through the Tribulation?

     One day, all of our questions will be answered. I am glad I have an eternity to ask them all 🙂 .

Copyright: © Steve Shirley

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