New Testament Survey: The Book Of Romans

Written By: Steve Shirley


The Book Of Romans

Author:  Paul (Rom 1:1)

The Stats:

Date Written:

Place Written:  Corinth

Written To:  Christians at the "church" in Rome.

Key Phrase:  The righteousness of God (Rom 1:17)(Rom 3:5,21,22)(Rom 10:3)

Key Verses:  (Rom 1:16-17)(Rom 5:1)(Rom 6:15-18)(Rom 7:14-25)(Rom 8:9)(Rom 8:37-39)(Rom 12:1-2,19)


1. To introduce himself to the church in Rome and let them know that he planned to visit them soon (Rom 1:8-13).

2. To give them personal teaching about salvation by grace alone, justification by faith, and the imputed righteousness of Christ.

3. To get their assistance in his journey to Spain, which he was going to after passing through Rome (Rom 15:24,28).

4. To "strive" with Paul in their prayers so that "I (Paul) may be delivered from that which do not believe in Judea; and that my service (likely distribution of the money he collected) which I have for Jerusalem may be accepted of the saints" (Rom 15:30-31).

5. To stress the importance of unity between the Gentiles and Jews which made up the "church" at Rome. (Rom 3:9,22,29-30)(Rom 2:9-11)(Rom 4:9-12)(Rom 15:5-13)
(The "church" was mainly "house churches" [See: Rom 16:4-5, 14-15])

(Paul wrote to both the Gentile believers (Rom 1:5-6,13)(Rom 11:13,28-31)(Rom 15:15-16) and the Jewish believers (Rom 2:17-3:8)(Rom 3:21-4:1)(Rom 7:1-14), but most agree that the majority of the church was probably Gentiles.

How did the "church" at Rome get started?

Special Emphasis:

Grace: 22 times | Justified: 10 times | Righteousness: 39 times |  Faith: 38 times |  Law: 76 times |  Sin: 43 times

David: (Rom 1:3)(Rom 4:6)(Rom 11:9)
Abraham: (Rom 4:9,13,16)(Rom 9:7)(Rom 11:1)
Sarah: (Rom 4:19)(Rom 9:9)
Adam: (Rom 5:14)
Moses: (Rom 5:14)(Rom 9:15)(Rom 10:5)
Isaac: (Rom 9:7,10)
Rebecca: (Rom 9:10)
Jacob: (Rom 9:13)(Rom 11:26)
Esau: (Rom 9:13)
Pharaoh: (Rom 9:17) Isaiah: (Rom 9:27,29)(Rom 10:16,20)(Rom 15:12)
Elijah: (Rom 11:2)

Interesting Facts:


1. The Introduction: Chapter 1:1-17

2. Doctrinal Issues: Chapter 1:18 through 11

3. Practical Issues: Chapter 12 through 15:12 How Christians should conduct their lives and behave.

4. The Conclusion:
     Chapter 15:13-33 Some of the reasons for his writing
     Chapter 16:1-23 Personal commendations and greetings from Paul and his friends.
     Chapter 16:25-27 (Verse 24 left out of many modern translations) A doxology to God.