New Testament Survey: Pre-Survey

Written By: Steve Shirley



Old CovenantNew Covenant
Mediated through MosesMediated through Christ
Access to the Holy of Holies (the presence of God) limited to the High PriestAll believers have access to the Holy of Holies through Jesus who is now our High Priest
Pointed forward to ChristFulfilled in Christ
Blood of animals an imperfect offering for sinJesus shed blood a perfect offering for sin
Atonement made once a year by the High PriestJesus, our High Priest, made atonement once for all
The Holy Spirit dwelt temporarily in God's peopleThe Holy Spirit dwells permanently in those who belong to God
Levitical priesthoodMelchizedek priesthood
Continual sacrifices needed for sinJesus' one sacrificial payment for sin by His death on the cross means no more sacrifices are needed
Obedience mainly out of fearObedience mainly out of love

Authors:  Matthew (1 book), Mark (1 book), Luke (2 books), John (5 books), Paul (13 books), Peter (2 books), Jude (1 book), James (1 book), [Book of Hebrews: author unknown]

The Stats:

Dates Written:  App. 48-95 A.D.

Places Written:  Antioch, Rome, Ephesus, Corinth, Macedonia, Jerusalem, Patmos


Special Emphasis:

Important Facts:

Old Testament
Law (5 books)Genesis - Deuteronomy
History (12 books)Joshua - Esther
Poetry (5 books)Job - Song Of Solomon
Prophecy (17 books)Isaiah - Malachi


New Testament
Gospels (4 books)Matthew - John
History (1 book)Acts
Epistles (21 books)Romans - Jude
Prophecy (1 book)Revelation

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Introducing Some Of The Key Church Fathers:

Bishop of Rome (App. 88-98)
Born: Possibly Greece
Martyred: No
Considered the 4th Pope.
Irenaeus said he "had seen the blessed Apostles (Peter and Paul) and had been conversant with them."
Tertullian said he was ordained by Peter.

Bishop of Antioch
Born: ?
Martyred: Yes
Believed to have known some of the Apostles and may have been a student of John.
Friend of Polycarp
Believed to have been the first to use the word "Catholic" for the universal church.

Bishop of Hierapolis
Born: ?
Martyred: No
Irenaeus said he was "a hearer of John, and a companion of Polycarp."

Bishop of Smyrna (For app. 50 yrs.):
Born: Smyrna
Martyred: Yes
KEY: Irenaeus confirmed that Polycarp was a student of John and he (Irenaeus) was a student of Polycarp, therefore, there was only one generation between Irenaeus and John.
Irenaeus also said that as a boy he heard Polycarp discuss how he had spoken "with John and those who had seen the Lord," and "heard from them about the Lord, about his miracles, and about his teaching."
Irenaeus said Polycarp had been converted to Christianity by the Apostles.
Polycarp was a companion of Papias.
On the day of his death, said he had served the Lord for 86 years.

One of the earliest and greatest Christian apologists
Born: Flavia Neopolis, Palestine
Martyred: Yes
Was brought up a pagan and became a Christian at age 30.
Opened a school in Rome.

Bishop of Lyons
Born: Smyrna
Martyred: No
A student of Polycarp.

Theologian, Teacher
Born: Possibly Athens
Martyred: No
Parents were wealthy pagans.
Origen was his pupil.

After Augustine, considered the greatest of the Christian writers.
Born: Carthage, North Africa
Martyred: No
"Father of the Latin church"
Apparently the first to use the word "trinity."

Bishop of Rome
Born: Possibly Palestine
Martyred: Yes
May have been a pupil of Irenaeus.
Knew Origen

Apologist, Theologian, Teacher, Scholar
Born: Alexandria, Egypt
Martyred: No
A student of Clement Of Alexandria.
Taught some bad teachings such as pre-existence of souls and universalism.

Bishop of Caesarea
Born: Palestine
Martyred: No
Considered the "Father of church history."
A huge number of writings, including the only surviving account of the first 300 years of church history.