New Testament Survey: The Book Of Mark

Written By: Steve Shirley


The Book Of Mark

Author:  Mark

(Papias) (Bishop of Hierapolis: app. 110-140 A.D.) "becoming the interpreter of Peter, wrote accurately, though not in order, whatever he remembered of what was either said or done by Christ; for he was neither a hearer of the Lord nor a follower of Him, but afterwards, as I said [he was a follower] of Peter, who arranged the discourses for use, but not according to the order in which they were uttered by the Lord."

(Irenaeus)(app. 185 A.D.) "... Mark, the disciple and interpreter of Peter, he also gave forth to us in writing the things which were preached by Peter."

(Origen) says Mark composed his Gospel "as Peter guided" or "directed him."

(Justin Martyr)(app. 150 A.D.) called Mark's Gospel "the memoirs of Peter."

The Stats:

Date Written:

Place Written:  Rome

Written To:  The Romans

Key Phrase:  Jesus The Servant (Isa 42:1)(Zech 3:8)

Key Verses:  (Mk 1:10-11)(Mk 8:29,34-38)(Mk 10:14-15)(Mk 12:28-31)(Mk 16:6)

Purpose:  To show Jesus as the servant who was human and compassionate, but at the same time had "power" over evil spirits, disease, and death. Mark may have been trying to encourage the Christians who were being persecuted at the time he wrote it.

Special Emphasis:

(Mk 1:12) ... "immediately" the Spirit "driveth" him (Jesus) into the wilderness.
(Mt 4:1) "Then was Jesus lead up of the Spirit into the wilderness..." (Also see: Lk 4:1)

Boanerges: (Mk 3:17), Talitha Cumi: (Mk 5:41), Corban: (Mk 7:11), Ephphatha: (Mk 7:34), Bartimaeus: (Mk 10:46), Abba: (Mk 14:36), Golgotha: (Mk 15:22), Eloi: (Mk 15:34)

The Day Of Unleavened Bread: (Mk 14:12)

Preparation Day: (Mk 15:42)

ProphecyFulfilled In
Preceded by a messenger (Mal 3:1)(Isa 40:3)(Mk 1:2-3)
Honor with lips, but hearts far away (Isa 29:13)(Mk 7:6-7)
The stone which the builders rejected (Ps 118:22)(Mk 12:10-12)
Disciples leaving Jesus alone (Zech 13:7)(Mk 14:27)

Jesus clearly proclaimed His deity several times in the book of Mark:

Key things found in Mark not found in the other Gospels:

The last chapter of Mark:


Mark is in five principle divisions:

1. The manifestation of the Servant-Son, 1:1-11.

2. The Servant-Son tested as to His fidelity, 1:12,13.

3. The Servant-Son at work, 1:14-13:37.

4. The Servant-Son "obedient unto death," 14:1-15:47.

5. The ministry of the risen Servant-Son, now exalted to all authority, 16:1-20.

(Survey from Scofield Reference Notes [1917 ed.]: Public Domain)