New Testament Survey: The Book Of Colossians

Written By: Steve Shirley


The Book Of Colossians

Author:  Paul (Col 1:1,23)(Col 4:18)
(For more on Paul see: Survey: Biography Of Paul)

As we mentioned in the survey of Ephesians, out of the 155 verses in that letter, about half are also found in Colossians in varying degrees.

Colossians was sent by the same messengers as Ephesians:
Tychicus (Col 4:7)(Eph 6:21)
Philemon: Onesimus (Col 4:9)(Phile 1:10)

The people that Paul mentions as being with him in Colossians and Philemon are exactly the same (with the exception of Justus: Col 4:11):

Timothy(Col 1:1) / (Phile 1:1)
Aristarchus(Col 4:10) / (Phile 1:24)
Mark(Col 4:10) / (Phile 1:24)
Epaphras(Col 4:12) / (Phile 1:23)
Luke(Col 4:14) / (Phile 1:24)
Demas(Col 4:14) / (Phile 1:24)
Archippus(Col 4:17) / (Phile 1:2)
Onesimus(Col 4:9) / (Phile 1:10)

The Stats:

Date Written:

Place Written:  Rome (while in prison: Col 4:3,10,18)

Written To:  The church at Colosse

Key Verses:  (Col 1:15-20)(Col 2:9-10,16-17)(Col 3:1-2,17)(Col 4:5-6)


About The City:

About The Church:

Special Emphasis:


1. Introduction, 1:1-8.

2. The apostolic prayer, 1:9-14.

3. The exaltation of Christ, Creator, Redeemer, Indweller, 1:15-29.

4. The Godhead incarnate in Christ, in whom the believer is complete, 2:1-23.

5. The believer's union with Christ in resurrection life and glory, 3:1-4.

6. Christian living, the fruit of union with Christ, 3:5-4:6.

7. Christian fellowship, 4:7-18.

(Survey from Scofield Reference Notes [1917 ed.]: Public Domain)