New Testament Survey: The Book Of Second Timothy

Written By: Steve Shirley


The Book Of Second Timothy

Author:  Paul (2 Tim 1:1)(Autobiographical details of Paul's life are also alluded to in 2 Tim 1:8-18, 2 Tim 3:10-11, and 2 Tim 4:9-22)
(For more on Paul see: Survey: Biography Of Paul)

The Stats:

Date Written:

Place Written:  Rome

Written To:  Timothy in Ephesus (Paul's "son" in the faith [1 Tim 1:2,18][2 Tim 1:2][1 Cor 4:7])

Key Verses:  (2 Tim 1:7)(2 Tim 2:15-16,22-23)(2 Tim 3:1-7,12,16-17)(2 Tim 4:2,7-8)


(These were likely needed because it appears that Timothy may have struggled with people looking down on him (2 Tim 4:12), and also possibly with "youthful lusts" (2 Tim 2:22). Apparently, he may also have had problems with being fearful (2 Tim 1:7)(1 Cor 16:10-11) and being strong (2 Tim 2:1).)

** We do not know if Timothy made it before Paul's death or not, but it is believed that he did.

Special Emphasis:


1. The Apostle's greeting, 1:1-18.

2. The pathway of an approved servant in a day of apostasy, 2:1-26.

3. Apostasy and the Word, 3:1-17.

4. A faithful servant and his faithful Lord, 4:1-22.

(Survey from Scofield Reference Notes [1917 ed.]: Public Domain)