New Testament Survey: The Book Of Second Thessalonians

Written By: Steve Shirley


The Book Of Second Thessalonians

Author:  Paul (2 Th 1:1)(2 Th 3:17)
(For more on Paul see: Survey: Biography Of Paul)

The Stats:

Date Written:

Place Written:  Corinth

Written To:  Christians at the church in Thessalonica.

Key Verses:  (2 Th 1:6-9)(2 Th 2:11-13)(2 Th 3:3,6,14-15)


1. First, to again encourage and strengthen the new believers, and commend them for their faith and endurance in the midst of persecution.

2. To deal with the false belief that the "day of the Lord" was at hand. He did this primarily by pointing out that several things will occur before this takes place:
There will be a great apostasy (2 Th 2:3).
The man of sin, the son of perdition will be revealed (2 Th 2:3).
That man (Antichrist) will sit in God's Temple and declare himself to be God (2 Th 2:4).
The restrainer must be removed (2 Th 2:7).

3. To confront those who had stopped working and encourage them to get back to work (2 Th 3:6-13).

Special Emphasis:


1. Salutation, 1:1-4.

2. Comfort, 1:5-12.

3. Instruction concerning the day of the Lord and the man of sin, 2:1-12.

4. Exhortations and apostolic commands, 2:13-3:15.

5. Benediction and authentication, 3:16-18.

(Survey from Scofield Reference Notes [1917 ed.]: Public Domain)