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Q: #411. Who was Moses' father?

     A: Moses’ father was named Amram. According to Strong’s, his name means “high people” or “a people exalted.” His name is listed in the Bible 13 times. Very little is known about him, but here is what we do know.

     His father’s name was Kohath (Ex 6:18)(Num 3:19)(Num 26:58)(1 Chr 6:2,18), and His grandfather was Levi (Ex 6:16)(Num 3:17)(1 Chr 6:1,16). (This was the priestly tribe who served in the Tabernacle and Temple.)

     He was married to Jochebed (also from the tribe of Levi: Ex 2:1), who according to (Ex 6:20)(Num 26:59) was his father’s sister.
(**Note: Some scholars dispute that it was literally “his father’s sister,” but instead believe he may have married a cousin.)

     Amram and Jochebed had two sons: Aaron and Moses, and one daughter: Miriam (Num 26:59)(1 Chr 6:3)(Ex 6:20).

     He founded a people named the Amramites (Num 3:27)(1 Chr 26:23).

     He is listed in (Heb 11:23) with the “heroes of faith.”

     He died at the age of 137 (Ex 6:20).

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