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Q: #341. How many of the 12 disciples/apostles were married?

     A: The only disciple/apostle we can know for certain from scripture was married is Peter. We have two proofs of this: Paul says he was in (1 Cor 9:5)(Peter is called “Cephas”) and (Mt 8:14-15)(Mk 1:29-31)(Lk 4:38) speak of Peter’s “mother-in-law” being sick.

     In (Acts 1:15-20), Peter speaks about Judas, and the need to replace him with another disciple. In verse 20, he quotes two places from the book of Psalms, and applies them to Judas: the first being (Ps 69:25), and the second (Ps 109:8). If one believes that the verses following (Ps 109:8) also apply to Judas, then he would have been married, and had children as well.

     In (1 Cor 9:5),  Paul also mentions that “other apostles” and “the brothers of the Lord” had wives. Because being married was so important in Jewish culture, it is logical to assume that most, or all of the disciples were married. I have read that a number of the church fathers (i.e. Clement, Epiphanius) mention in their writings some of the disciples who were married. I cannot confirm this. It does appear, however, that nearly everyone believes John never married.

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