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Q: #340. How many authors of the Bible were married?

     A: This is very difficult to answer with any certainty. First off, in many cases, there is little to nothing known about the personal lives of many of the Bible’s authors (i.e. nearly all of the minor prophets in the Old Testament). Secondly, we don’t know for sure who authored a number of books in the Bible. Given these two points, I can only say with certainty that 8 men who wrote books of the Bible were married.

Moses (Ex 2:21-22)(Ex 4:20,24-26)(Ex 18:2-6)(Num 12:1)
Samuel (1 Sam 8:1-5)
David (1 Sam 25:42-44)(1 Sam 27:3)(1 Sam 30:5)(2 Sam 3:13-16)(2 Sam 5:13-16)
Solomon (1 Kin 11:3-4)(He had 700 wives and 300 concubines!)
Isaiah (Isa 8:3)
Ezekiel (Ezek 24:15-18)
Hosea (Hos 1:2-9)
Peter (Mt 8:14-15)(Mk 1:29-31)(Lk 4:38)(1 Cor 9:5)

     I also believe it is possible that Paul was married at one time in his life: See: Q: #47.

     There is some Jewish tradition which says that Joshua married Rahab, who is in the lineage of Jesus (Mt 1:5). If Job wrote the book of Job (unlikely), he was married (Job 1:1-5, 18-19)(Job 2:9)(Job 19:17)(Job 31:10). Based upon (1 Cor 9:5), in which Paul alludes to “other apostles” and “the brothers of the Lord” as having wives, it is possible that Matthew, as well as Jesus’ brothers James and Jude, who authored the books of James and Jude, had wives as well.

     Jeremiah is the only person in the Bible whom God forbid to be married (Jer 16:2).

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