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     Hello Brothers and Sisters! 

     One Thursday each month, “usually” the 1st or 2nd Thursday (at 6 p.m. EST), we gather for a “Night of Prayer.” This has become a very special time for many (including me), and I look forward to it every month. Let me tell you about it!

     In February of 2024, I felt God prompting me to start a time for the broken, sick, lonely, hurting, overwhelmed, addicted, scared, and more… to gather together with other believers and pray.

     Normally, in our Zoom Bible studies, people share their prayer requests with me (or my wife), and we pray for them. However, I wanted this to be a time where people would come and “personally” pray their prayer request (or requests) to the Lord, and have others in the prayer group pray in agreement with them. I also wanted this to be a time for people to “lift up their praises” to the Lord, and “thank” the Lord for His blessings. We rejoice with them as they do this!

     As these petitions, cries, confessions, praises, and thanks have been made to the Lord, God’s presence has been felt. It has simply been AMAZING! When the night is done, I feel SO refreshed afterwards!

***Note: Here is one email I received after a “Night of Prayer:” “It was very special and brought tears to my eyes. I truly loved it….it was so beautiful.”

     In my groups, I have never been big on “forcing” people to talk or pray. For this night, no one is pressured to pray. For those who are not comfortable praying out loud in front of others, they are welcome to come and sit “silently” in God’s presence, joining in agreement as others pray and praise.

     However, if the previous paragraph describes you, I would encourage you to “step out of your comfort zone” (pretty much as i do every time I pray in front of others), and pray “something,” even if it is simply “Lord, please bring peace to my family,” or Lord, please forgive me,” or “Lord, thank You.” Prayer doesn’t have to be long to be powerful! God knows your heart!

     I have prayed that each of you reading this will consider joining us, and that you will see the power of God, and breakthrough in your life as we pray together. In the weekly (“usually”) JesusAlive Newsletter, I announce when our next “Night of Prayer” will be. If you would like to be a part of this “Night of Prayer,” comment below, and I will send you the newsletter. (***Note: In order to comment, you will need to have an email address, and I will receive this email address when you comment (no one else will see it). I will use this email address to send you the newsletter.)

     While we do not set a time limit on how long the “Night of Prayer” goes (I try to let the Holy Spirit lead), in the past the meetings have usually gone a little over an hour. If need be, you are free to leave “quietly” at any time.

***Note: I also add this disclaimer. I have not personally met, or do not know well many who come to our “Night of Prayer.” If you come, please consider how much “personal” information you share with strangers.