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Q: #229. What are other names for Jesus in the Bible?

     A: Depending on how deep you want to go, and how specific you want to get, there are literally dozens, perhaps even several hundred names for, and descriptions of Jesus in the Bible. If you put all of these names together, you get a pretty clear picture of who Jesus is. I am not going to attempt to list every name that is used, but I will list what I think most would agree are some of the key names. For the sake of space and time, I am also going to focus primarily on the names from the New Testament. I will be taking these from the KJV Bible.

Advocate(1 Jn 2:1)
Almighty(Rev 1:8)(Rev 4:8)
Alpha and Omega, Beginning and the End(Rev 1:8)(Rev 21:6)(Rev 22:13)
The Amen(Rev 3:14)
Apostle(Heb 3:1)
Author And Finisher Of Our Faith(Heb 12:2)
Author Of Eternal Salvation(Heb 5:9)
Bread Of Life(Jn 6:35)
Bridegroom(Mt 25:1,5-6,10)(Mk 2:19-20)(Jn 3:29)
Captain Of Salvation(Heb 2:10)
Carpenter(Mk 6:3)
Chief Cornerstone(Eph 2:20)
Chief Shepherd(1 Pet 5:4)
Christ(Mt 1:16,18)(Mt 16:16,20)(Rom 8:39)
Creator(Col 1:16)(Heb 1:10)(Jn 1:3)
Dayspring(Lk 1:78)
Day Star(2 Pet 1:19)
Deliverer(Rom 11:26)
Door(Jn 10:7-9)
Emmanuel(Mt 1:23)
Eternal Life(1 Jn 1:2)(1 Jn 5:20)
Faithful And True(Rev 19:11)
Faithful Witness(Rev 1:5)(Rev 3:14)
The First And The Last(Rev 1:17-18)(Rev 2:8)(Rev 22:13)
Firstborn Of All Creation(Col 1:15)
Firstborn From The Dead(Col 1:18)(Rev 1:5)
The Firstfruits(1 Cor 15:20,23)
Forerunner(Heb 6:20)
Fountain Of Life(Rev 21:6)
God(Heb 1:8)(Jn 20:28)(Jn 1:1,14)
Good Master(Mk 10:17)(Mt 19:16)(Lk 18:18)
Good Shepherd(Jn 10:11,14)(Heb 13:20)
Governor(Mt 2:6)
The Head(Eph 4:15)(Col 1:18)(1 Cor 11:3)
Head Of The Church(Eph 5:23)(Eph 1:22)
Heir Of All Things(Heb 1:2)
High Priest(Heb 2:17)(Heb 3:1)(Heb 4:14)
Holy One(Acts 3:14)(Mk 1:24)(Acts 2:27)
Husband(2 Cor 11:2)
I AM(Jn 8:58-59)
Image Of God(2 Cor 4:4)(Col 1:15)
A Judge(2 Tim 4:1,8)(Acts 10:42)
The Just(1 Pet 3:18)(Acts 7:42)(Acts 3:14)
King(Mt 25:34)(Lk 19:38)(Jn 19:14)
King Of Kings And Lord Of Lords(Rev 17:14)(Rev 19:16)(1 Tim 6:14-15)
King Of Israel(Jn 1:49)(Jn 12:13)
King Of The Jews(Mt 2:2)(Mt 27:11,29,37)(Lk 23:3,37-39)
Lamb Of God(Jn 1:29,36)(Rev 5:6,8,12-13)(Rev 7:9-10,14,17)
The Last Adam(1 Cor 15:45)
The Life(Mk 14:6)
The Light(Jn 1:7-8)(Jn 3:19-21)(Jn 12:35-36)
The Light Of The World(Jn 8:12)(Jn 12:46)
Lion Of Judah(Rev 5:5)
Lord(Mt 7:21-22)(Lk 2:11)(Rom 10:9)
Master(Mk 9:5)(Mk 14:14)(Mt 26:25)
Mediator(1 Tim 2:5)(Heb 9:15)
Messiah(Jn 1:41)(Jn 4:25-26)
Morning Star(Rev 2:28)(Rev 22:16)
Nazarene(Mt 2:23)
Priest(Heb 5:6)
Prince(Acts 3:15)(Acts 5:31)(Rev 1:5)
Propitiation(Rom 3:25)
Prophet(Mt 21:11)(Mk 6:4)(Lk 1:76)
Rabbi(Jn 1:38,49)(Jn 3:2)(Jn 6:25)
Rabboni(Jn 20:16)
Resurrection And The Life(Jn 11:25)
The Rock(1 Cor 10:4)
Root Of David(Rev 5:5)(Rev 22:16)
Saviour(Lk 2:11)(Jn 4:42)(2 Tim 1:10)
Servant(Phil 2:7)(Mt 12:18)
Son(Jn 3:16-17)(Mt 11:27)(Mt 17:5)
Son Of Abraham(Mt 1:1)
Son Of David(Mt 1:1)
Son Of God(Mt 8:29)(Jn 20:31)(Acts 8:37)
Son Of Man(Mt 17:9)(Jn 6:53)(Mt 8:20)
Teacher(Jn 3:2)
True Vine(Jn 15:1)
The Truth(Jn 14:6)(Jn 1:14)
Unspeakable Gift(2 Cor 9:15)
The Way(Jn 14:6)
The Word(Jn 1:1,14)(Rev 19:13)(1 Jn 1:1)

     The Old Testament also contains a number of names, although there is debate as to whether some of them are referring to Jesus or not. Many of these names prophetically point to Jesus. Perhaps the most famous verse is found in (Isa 9:6): “For unto us a child is born, unto us a SON is given: And the government shall be upon his shoulder: And his name shall be called WONDERFUL, COUNSELLER, THE MIGHTY GOD, THE EVERLASTING FATHER, THE PRINCE OF PEACE.” (Caps emphasis mine) In this verse alone, we have six different names. Some other names that clearly refer to Jesus are: “Ancient Of Days” in (Dan 7:9), “Immanuel” in (Isa 7:14)(Isa 8:8), and “Man Of Suffering” in (Isa 53:3). Some of the names He is called we also mentioned in the New Testament such as: “Messiah” and “Prince” (Dan 9:25-26), “Holy One” (Isa 49:7)(Ps 16:10), “Servant” (Isa 42:1)(Isa 49:3,6-7)(Isa 53:11), and Great “Light” (Isa 9:2).

     A while back, I did a study called Jesus In The Old Testament. In this study, I discuss why I believe Jesus can be found all through the Old Testament, far more than what many say. It is a pretty deep study, but you can click on the link if you are interested.

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