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Q: #586. How many times did Jesus use "fish" to perform a miracle while He was on earth?

     A: Jesus used “fish” to perform a miracle 5 different times during His earthly ministry. Here is a list of those times.

#1. When feeding the 5000: (Mt 14:13-21)(Mk 6:32-44)(Lk 9:12-17)(Jn 6:1-14)
(***Note: This is the only miracle of Jesus that appears in all 4 Gospels.)

#2. When feeding the 4000: (Mt 15:32-39)(Mk 8:1-10)

#3. When a coin appeared in the mouth of a fish to pay the temple tax: (Mt 17:27)

#4. When Jesus told Simon Peter to let down his nets again, and then they were filled with fish: (Lk 5:4-11)

#5. When Jesus told the disciples who were fishing to cast their net on the right side of the boat, and it was filled with fish: (Jn 21:4-11)
(***Good trivia question: How many fish? 153! – Jn 21:11)

***Note: Maybe a miracle with fish, or maybe not, but notice the following in (Jn 21:4-10). First, Jesus suddenly appears on the shore. Second, He tells them to cast their net again. Third, Peter comes to shore, and the other disciples follow, dragging their net with the fish. Fourth, when they get to the shore, they see a fire of coals, with fish laid on it. Where did Jesus get the fish?? (Jesus tells them “after” they are on shore, and they have seen the fish on the coals, to bring their fish.)

*** Something for deeper thinking: Why was their “net not broken” from all of the fish in (Jn 21:11), but “their net was breaking” from all of the fish in (Lk 5:6)?

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