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Q: #372. Why did Jesus choose John to care for His mother Mary rather than his brothers?

     A: While we don’t know for certain the answer to this question, which happened in (Jn 19:26-27), nearly all scholars agree that the reason Jesus chose John to care for His mother after His death, instead of His brothers, was because His brothers were not believers. They did not believe in who He was, or why He came to Earth (see: Jn 7:3-5). (However, several, or perhaps all of His brothers became believers after His resurrection [see: Acts 1:14, 1 Cor 9:5]. James and Jude even wrote books in the Bible.)

     In addition, it appears that none of Jesus’ family, save for Mary, was there while He was on the cross. The fact that Jesus gave care of His mother Mary to John also shows us pretty clearly that Jesus’ step-father Joseph was no longer alive at this time. John is called “the disciple whom Jesus loved” a number of times in the book of John (see: Q: #370.). Jesus had a particularly close relationship with John (as well as Peter and James), and knew John would take great care of His mother.

*** Note: For those who might question if Jesus had brothers, I discuss this here.

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