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Q: #170. How should Christians vote?

     A: Hello, my name is (presidential candidate) and I am running for president. Today, I want to quickly give you a list of things that WILL happen in this country if you elect me to be your president.

First, I guarantee that I will relieve the burden of paying taxes for 95% of you by cutting your taxes.

Second, I will ensure that every person in this country has health care coverage.

Third, under my administration we will turn this faltering economy around and end all worries of a recession.

Fourth, I will bring down this unemployment rate so that everyone who wants a job will be able to get a job.

Fifth, we, as a nation, will reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

Sixth, I will put an end to our overseas war and bring our troops home.

Seventh, I will ensure that any of our young adults who wants to attend college will be able to do so regardless of whether they can afford it or not.

Eighth, I will make federal money available to cities all around this great country to hire more law enforcement officers so that we can lower our crime rate.

And, finally, during the first year alone of my presidency, I guarantee that I will support the right of over 1.3 million women in this country to murder their unborn children when they become pregnant.

     An exaggeration? Yes. But, the point is, what is the most important thing on this list to you? It is obvious that I believe it should be abortion.

     Democrat and Republican presidential candidates (as well as candidates for other offices) often agree on the importance of implementing most of the issues above (i.e. lower taxes, lower unemployment, lower crime, fixing the economy) and disagree on a few as well. They also differ on how they should be implemented (i.e. less government or more government). However, if your candidate is in favor of the legalized murder of the innocent unborn, when the Bible teaches that God HATES the shedding of innocent blood (Prov 6:16-17)(Ex 23:7)(Mt 27:4)(Deut 21:7-8)(Deut 19:10)(Isa 59:7)(Jer 7:6-7)(Jer 22:3,17)(Joel 3:19), then I seriously question if your candidate is a Christian.

     I think that most Christians agree that we want to place men and women who call themselves Christian in office, but how can a person running for office claim to be a Christian and yet support this brutal and Godless practice that occurs thousands of times everyday? I do not believe they can be a Christian, and honestly….. I must also ask, how can ANY person claim to be a Christian and vote for someone who supports this?

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