Holy Spirit

By: Steve Shirley

     The topic of the Holy Spirit is a HUGE one. There is so much that could be said about what He does and who He is, but I want to devote this area to what the Holy Spirit does in a believer, once a person is born again. The Holy Spirit is the 3rd person in the triune God. The Bible says that when a person is born again, the Holy Spirit comes to live inside of us at that very moment; and if we have the Spirit in us, we are His (Rom 8:9). How awesome it is to think of God literally dwelling in our bodies! The Bible says that our body becomes the temple of God (1 Cor 3:16-17)(1 Cor 6:19-20). When He comes to dwell in us, we are told that He seals us until the day of our redemption, and is our guarantee of salvation (Eph 1:13-14)(Eph 4:30)(2 Cor 5:5)(2 Cor 1:22). The word used for the Spirit in Greek is pneuma, meaning wind or breath. (John 3:8) tells us that the Spirit is like the wind, no one can know where it comes from or where it is going. No one knows upon whom the Holy Spirit may fall next. May we all as believers pray to be used in some small way by God to help non-believers come to know Christ and have the Holy Spirit fall on them and come to live inside of them.

     Here is a partial list of some of the things that the Holy Spirit does in a believer when He comes to live in us:

Teaches us (Jn 14:26)
Helps us to witness (Jn 15:26-27)
Guides us (Jn 16:13)
Comforts us (Jn 14:16,18)
Convicts us of sin (Jn 16:8)
Directs us (Acts 20:22)(Acts 11:12)
Warns us (Acts 20:23)
Gives us joy, peace, and righteousness (Rom 14:17)(1 Th 1:6)
Helps us in our infirmities and helps us to pray (Rom 8:26)
Puts Gods love in our hearts (Rom 5:5)
Helps us to become more like Jesus (2 Cor 3:17-18)
Intercedes for us (Rom 8:27)
Gives discernment and reveals the things of God (1 Cor 2:10-16)
Gives spiritual gifts to each person (1 Cor 12:11)
Will write His laws on our hearts and minds and remember our sins no more (Heb 10:15-16)
Speaks to people (Acts 8:29)(Acts 13:2)
Speaks through people (Acts 28:25)

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