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Q: #95. Is there a holding place between Heaven and Hell?

     A: What you are referring to is a place called Purgatory, and there is no such place. Those who believe in this, believe it is a place where most people must go to pay for venial and mortal sins and have their souls purified.

     We do not believe in this for four reasons:

1. The Bible never mentions it (although I am amazed at how some can twist scriptures to make it appear so).

2. It means Jesus did not make FULL payment (atonement) for our sins on the Cross. When Jesus said on the cross “It is finished” (Jn 19:30), He meant the work of atonement for man’s sins was complete. (Heb 10:10-18)(Heb 7:25-27)(Heb 9:28)

3. It means that we are justified by our works, when the Bible says it is by faith we are justified. (Rom 5:1,9,18)(1 Cor 6:11)(Gal 3:24)(Gal 2:16)(Gal 5:4-5)(Rom 3:20)(Rom 4:4-5)(Acts 13:39)

4. If we are in Christ Jesus, we will not be condemned in ANY way for our sins. (Rom 8:1)(Jn 5:24)(Jn 3:18,36)

     Once we die, the decision about where we will spend eternity is made. If we are born again believers in Jesus Christ, we go DIRECTLY to be with the Lord (2 Cor 5:7)(Phil 1:23). If not, then we are eternally separated from the Lord. Once we die, neither we, nor anyone else, can affect our eternal destiny.

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