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Q: #206. What will Heaven be like?

     A: Heaven is described as a paradise (2 Cor 12:4), where there is joy (Lk 15:7,10), glory (Rom 8:17-18), comfort (Lk 16:25), rest (Rev 14:13), and reward (Mt 5:11-12), that will never end (Mt 25:46).

     The new Heaven and the new Earth are described in (Rev 21:10-25). The city and streets will be made of pure gold, like clear glass; there will be pearl gates; and the foundations of the wall of the city will be made up of twelve different precious stones. There will also be no more sun or moon, because the glory of God will light it. In (Rev 21:4) it says there will be no more tears, sorrow, crying, or pain. And, in (Rev 22:15) it says there will be no more wicked people.

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