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Q: #605. How many Greek words are found only in Hebrews, and nowhere else in the New Testament?

     A: Recently, I rewrote parts of a study I did many years ago on the Book of Hebrews. One of the things I came up with from doing this was a list of 63 Greek words I found that are “only” in Hebrews, and nowhere else in the New Testament (called a “hapax legomena“). I find it interesting because just by looking at these Greek words alone, you get a good picture of what Hebrews is all about. Here is a list of these words:

VerseGreek Word / Translated As (in KJV)
(Heb 1:3)“apaugasma” / “the brightness”
(Heb 1:3)“charakter” / “the express image”
(Heb 1:14)“leitourgikos” / “ministering”
(Heb 2:1)“pararreo” / “we should let slip”
(Heb 2:2, 10:35, 11:26)“misthapodosia” / “recompense of reward”
(Heb 2:4)“sunepimartureo” / “also bearing witness”
(Heb 2:4, 4:12)“merismos” / “gifts” “the dividing asunder”
(Heb 5:10)“prosagoreuo” / “called” (by name)
(Heb 5:11, 6:12)“nothros” / “dull”
(Heb 5:13)“apeiros” / “unskillful”
(Heb 5:14)“aistheterion” / “their senses”
(Heb 6:6)“anakainizo” / “to renew them”
(Heb 6:20)“prodromos” / “the forerunner”
(Heb 7:1)“kope” / “the slaughter”
(Heb 7:3)“agenealogetos” / “without descent” (genealogy)
(Heb 7:3)“aphomoioo” / “made like”
(Heb 7:3, 10:1,12,14)“dienekes” / “ever” (continually)
(Heb 7:6)“genealogeo” / “counted” (to trace ancestory)
(Heb 7:11, 8:6)“nomotheteo” / “received the law” “was established”
(Heb 7:15)“katadelos” / “evident”
(Heb 7:24)“aparabatos” / “an unchangable”
(Heb 8:2)“pegnumi” / “pitched”
(Heb 8:13)“aphanismos” / “to vanish away”
(Heb 9:4)“thumiaterion” / “censer”(altar of incense)
(Heb 9:5)“cheroubin” / “the cherubims”
(Heb 9:5)“kataskiazo” / “shadowing”
(Heb 9:7)“agnoema” / “the errors” (sin of ignorance)
(Heb 9:13)“damalis” / “of an heifer”
(Heb 9:13,19,21, 10:22)“rhantizo” / “sprinkled”
(Heb 9:13)“katharotes” / “the purifying”
(Heb 10:7)“kephalis” / “the volume”
(Heb 10:23)“aklines” / “without warning”
(Heb 10:29)“timoria” / “punishment”
(Heb 10:29)“enubrizo” / “to insult”
(Heb 10:33)“theatrizo” / “whilst ye were made a grazingstock”
(Heb 10:39)“hupostole” / “of them who draw back”
(Heb 11:7)“eulabeomai” / “moved with fear”
(Heb 11:10)“demiourgos” / “builder” “maker”
(Heb 11:12)“anarithmetos” / “innumerable”
(Heb 11:23)“trimenon” / “three months”
(Heb 11:25)“sugkakoucheomai” / “to suffer affliction”
(Heb 11:27)“kartereo” / “endure”
(Heb 11:28)“olothreuo” / “destroy”
(Heb 11:31)“katakopos” / “the spies”
(Heb 11:33)“katagonizomai” / “subdued”
(Heb 11:35)“tumpanizo” / “were tortured”
(Heb 11:37)“prizo” / “they were sawn asunder”
(Heb 11:37)“melote” / “sheepskins”
(Heb 11:40)“problepo” / “having provided”
(Heb 12:1)“euperistatos” / “which doth so easily beset”
(Heb 12:3)“analogizomai” / “consider”
(Heb 12:5)“eklanthanomai” / “ye have forgotten”
(Heb 12:5)“eligoreo” / “regard lightly”
(Heb 12:8)“nothos” / “bastards”
(Heb 12:13)“trochia” / “paths”
(Heb 12:16)“prototokia” / “birthright”
(Heb 12:23)“paneguris” / “to the general assembly”
(Heb 12:28)“euarestos” / “acceptably”
(Heb 12:29)“katanalisko” / “a consuming”
(Heb 13:3)“sundeo” / “bound with them”
(Heb 13:6)“boethos” / “helper”
(Heb 13:17)“alusiteles” / “unprofitable”
(Heb 13:17)“hupeiko” / “submit yourselves”

     I feel confident that this is “far” from a complete list of all the Greek words found only in Hebrews (one source says there are 169). If you know of some others, please let me know.

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