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Q: #572. How many gardens are mentioned in the Bible?

     A: The word “garden” or “gardens” is used 64 times in the Bible (59 times OT, 5 times NT). While several things are referred to as “gardens” in the Bible – i.e. “vegetable gardens” (1 Kin 21:2), orchards (), “spice gardens” () ), what we are looking for here is what we would refer to as “flower gardens.” 

     Most of the “gardens” (which I assume are “flower gardens”) mentioned  in the Old Testament associated with different kings. Each of these kings has a “garden” connected with his name: 

Manasseh (2 Kin 21:8 – was buried in the garden of his house: “the garden of Uzza”)
Amon (2 Kin 21:26 – buried… in “the garden of Uzza”)
Solomon (Ecc 2:3)
Ephraim ()
Ahasuerus (Est 1:5)(Est 7:7-8)

***Note: (Neh 3:15) mentions the “King’s Garden.”

     However, since these different kings of the Old Testament probably lived in the same place, the “garden” of the previous king may have passed on the to following king.

     Having said this, there are three “very” prominent gardens mentioned in the Bible. These are:

The Garden of Eden, the most prominent, and most mentioned “garden” in the Bible: (Gen 2:8 – 3:24) ()()()

The Garden of Gethsemane, the place where Jesus prayed before being arrested and crucified: (Jn 18:1-2)(Mt 26:36-46(Mk 14:32-42)(Lk 22:39-46). (***Note: This “garden” may have been a garden made up of “olive trees.” “Gethsemane” in Greek means “oil press.”)

There was a “garden” in the place where Jesus was buried: (Jn 19:41)(Jn 20:15).

     As I mention here, I believe that Jesus physically appeared in numerous places in the Old Testament (called a “theophany” or “Christophany”). One of these appearances I believe was when “God” was walking in the Garden of Eden (Gen). If this is the case, then we have Jesus walking in the Garden of Eden right after the first sin was committed, and then being buried in a garden right after dying to pay for the effects of that first sin.

A few other “gardens” mentioned: ()()()

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