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Q: #295. How many famines were there in the Bible?

     A: It looks to me like there were 14 famines in the Bible. A few of them are not called outright “famines,” but have all of the characteristics of a famine. Here are the 14 I found:

(Gen 12:10)
(Gen 26:1)
(Gen ch. 41-47)
(Ruth 1:1)
(2 Sam 21:1)
(1 Kin ch. 17-18)(Also see: Lk 4:24-26)
(2 Kin 4:38)
(2 Kin 6:24-33)
(2 Kin 25:2-3)(Also see: Jer 52:4-6)
(Neh 5:1-3)
(Jer 14:1-6)
(Joel 1:1-20)
(Hag 1:10-11)
(Acts 11:28)

     Five of these (2 Sam 21:1)(1 Kin ch. 17-18)(Jer 14:1-6)(Joel 1:1-20)(Hag 1:10-11) were sent by God because of disobedience. Two of them: (2 Kin 6:24-33: Samaria being attacked by Syria) and (2 Kin 25:2-3: Jerusalem being attacked by Babylon) were famines that resulted from a siege on the city, in which nothing (i.e. food) was allowed to go in or out of the city.

     Bible prophecy says that a great famine will be a part of God’s judgment in the “last days” (Mt 24:7)(Mk 13:8)(Lk 21:11)(Rev 6:8)(Rev 18:8).

Copyright: © Steve Shirley

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Eric Cimuchowski

Brilliant! Thank you!

Kalu kalebest Okwara

Thanks for a great work on bible days famine.

Samuel Ennackal Kurian

Good job