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Hello. Re Noah and his sons. Japheth is the eldest (Genesis 10.21), then Shem, then Ham. and there is also Yam. In original Hebrew text Genesis 9:22 Canaan saw the nakeness of his father, and told two of his brothers outside. This indicates that Canaan was Noah’s son. See Dr. Rabbi Tzemah Yoreh. See another view in Pirkei de-Rabbi Eliezer, 23, which also saw Canaan as one of Noah’s sons.… Read more »

Chuck Shelton

Steve, thanks very much for your testimony which I read this morning after looking up your very good answer to “Q: #529. How old was Paul (Saul) when Stephen was stoned?”

Suvuku Lukumay

I am touched by your testimony. I was born again in 1992 and now a Pastor in an Assemblies of God church in Tanzania. I am also an accountant. Thank you for sharing your testimony.


how can i protect myself spiritual attacks

Marjorie Arnold

Ask for the covering of the blood of Jesus and speak the name of “Jesus” often when evil is present. Evil cannot stay where the name of Jesus is spoken nor where the presence of Holy Spirit is.


Good day Steve, On your question 17 about the moral law. With the exception of the 4th commandment. But U don’t give a explanation why it is the exception. And I dont read in the bible that God made a covenant with the church or gentiles. In Jer.31:31, God said he will make a New Covenant with the house of Juda and the house of Israel. Thanks I do enjoy… Read more »