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I do not use phone or e-mail correspondence with visitors to JesusAlive. However, if you wish to leave me a message, have a prayer request or Bible question, or you find something on the site that needs to be corrected, you can reach me in one of three ways:

1. Through the “comments” box below, or that you will find at the bottom of each study. (You will receive an e-mail if I respond.)

2. Through the JesusAlive Facebook page.

3. Through the JesusAlive Twitter page.

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Just to let you know that in the last several weeks Malwarebytes software is reporting this site is a suspicious Top Level Domain (TLD).


I can but try. I did a little digging also and found similar information on the .cc issue. Here a link providing some info

Pastor Kellen

Brother Steve, I am preparing for a sermon and found your study on the ‘times that Jesus ate a meal’ to be so very helpful. Had it not been for your study, I would have done it myself. You have saved me hours of time that I can now use towards other aspects of scripture. I have a question about leisure that I would love to chat with you about.… Read more »


Hi Steve, I came across your website whilst doing some preaching prep and research. One of your articles popped up from the search bar. It was really well put together and quite obviously an intensive biblical study looking for real answers in the word, very refreshing! I must say I got a bit distracted from my preach prep and ended up hanging around the site and blog and read your… Read more »

Winston Jones.

Hi Ken.(1) what does v3 in psalm 104 mean? & (2) when I read the King James it talks about 3rd, 4rd hours & so on. What is it in our times clock?


Hi Steve I have a question which has stumped me and a lot of people, where did God come from?