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I do not use phone or e-mail correspondence with visitors to JesusAlive. However, if you wish to leave me a message, have a prayer request or Bible question, or you find something on the site that needs to be corrected, you can reach me in one of three ways:

1. Through the “comments” box below, or that you will find at the bottom of each study. (You will receive an e-mail if I respond.)

2. Through the JesusAlive Facebook page.

3. Through the JesusAlive Twitter page.

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I am interested in joining your Sunday night zoom bible study.

c Briggs

Steve, just wanted to let you know I ran across your blog (via a SS lesson this morning–I googled the two greek words for dog used in our teacher’s lesson-later) about Jesus calling the Canaanite woman “a dog”. I think our SS teacher may have used this particular blog, some of the points made so paralleled it. Beautiful story, the scripture passage Matthew15.21-28, makes so much more sense now. Now… Read more »

Henly Dennett

Are willful sins before salvation even though we knew died for sins forgiven when we trust in Jesus for eternal life.


Thanks for your help

Debbie Stevens

Hi. What I’ve read is informative. Before I add you to my list of resources I need some details. Specifically, do you have a statement of faith that nails down what you believe.

Thanks very much.



Good job. Keep it up.