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Q: #110. Does the Bible say it's wrong to have a Christmas tree?

     A: This ridiculous teaching is usually based on (Jer 10:2-4). There are people who take these verses and say that they are referring to a Christmas tree. However, if you read these verses, and the ones following, you will find that it is referring to cutting down a tree, bringing it into one’s house, and WORSHIPPING the tree, making it an idol.

     If you are making your Christmas tree an idol, then you certainly should not have one. However, if you have a Christmas tree as a part of your tradition for celebrating the birth of Christ, I see nothing wrong with this. In fact, as Christians at “Christ”mas, “all” of our celebrations and traditions should have Jesus at the center. If they don’t, we should consider setting those aside. We are told in the Bible to “do all things for the glory of God” (1 Cor 10:31)(Col 3:17,23), and this includes how we celebrate the birth of Christ.


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