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Q: #87. What are some good Christian acronyms for words like: Amen, Bible, Faith, Grace, and Joy?

     A: There are literally “hundreds” of Christian acronyms out there. I originally wrote this study about 20 years ago (hard to believe!), so I decided to revisit and update it. However, in redoing it this time, I want to set this study apart from almost every other website out there that lists “Christian acronyms.”

     I am going to set two guidelines for these acronyms:

#1. I want the actual word to be a Bible word. Like one acronym I found is “Coffee” = Christ Offers Forgiveness For Everyone Everywhere. That is good, but “coffee” isn’t a Bible word. Another example that “won’t” work: “ASAP” = Always Stop And Pray.

#2. I want the words which follow that Bible word to actually “define” that Bible word in some way. For example, here are a few oldies, but goodies:

Joy = Jesus, Others, Yourself
Bible = Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (I changed this one below.)
Grace = God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense

      Each of the words following Joy, Bible, Grace, “somewhat” (loosely) defines it. This is opposed to things like: “Frog” = Fully Rely On God (or) “Push” = Pray Until Something Happens,” which don’t really define what a “frog” is, or what “push” means.


     OK, get it? So, here we go. (In alphabetical order)

Amen: Always Meets Every Need

Bible = Book Inspired By Lord Eternal

Blood = Brought Life Out Of Death

Busy = Buried Under Satan’s Yoke

Cross = Christ Reaching Out Saving Sinners

Devil = Deceives, Entices, Violates, Imitates, Lies

Die = Departure Into Eternity

Disciple = Discerning, Interceding, Serving, Comforting, Inspiring, Praying, Loving, Evangelizing

Faith = Forsaking All I Trust Him

Fear = False Evidence Appearing Real

Flesh = Following Lustful, Evil, Sinful Habits

Gift = Grace Is Free Totally

Gospel = God’s Only Son Provides Eternal Life

Grace = God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense

Hope = He Offers Peace Eternal

Joy = Jesus, Others, Yourself (In that order)

Love = Loyal, Overcoming, Valuing, Enduring

Pray = Praise, Repent, Ask, Yield

Pride = Perhaps Really I’m Doing Everything

Rock = Redeemer, Omniscient, Christ, King

Tithe = Treasure In To Heaven Eternal

Trust = Totally Reliant Upon Savior’s Timing

Wait = Will Answer In Time

Whole = Without Him Our Life Empty

     About half of these I came up with myself (not easy, but a fun challenge!) Some I found elsewhere. A few, my ever diligent Bible study groups gave me (thank you!). If you know of some, or come up with any, feel free to comment below, and I might just add them!

P.S. This isn’t really an acronym, but I like it: Justified = Just As If I’d (never sinned).

Copyright: © Steve Shirley

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