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Q: #467. How many Caesars are mentioned in the Bible?

     A: The name “Caesar” (or Caesar’s) is used 30 times in the New Testament. There are 4 men named Caesar in the New Testament. Two are mentioned by name: Tiberius and Claudius. One is mentioned mentioned by his title: Augustus. Tiberius and Nero are alluded to in a number of verses when the name “Caesar” is mentioned. Following is a list of these 4 men, when they ruled, and the verses in which they are mentioned by name or alluded to.

NameRuled FromVerses
Octavius Caesar27 B.C. – A.D. 14(Lk 2:1 – called by his title: Augustus)
Tiberius CaesarA.D. 14-37(Lk 3:1 – by name) (Mt 22:17-21)(Mk 12:14-17)(Lk 20:22-25)(Lk 23:2)(Jn 19:12,15)
Claudius Caesar
A.D. 41-54(Acts 11:28 – by name)(Acts 17:7)(Acts 18:2 – by name)
Nero CaesarA.D. 54-68 (Acts 25:8-12,21,25)(Acts 26:32)(Acts 27:24)(Acts 28:19)(Phil 4:22)

* Note: “Augustus” – (A Latin word, Gr. equivalent: “Sebastos“) This was not a “name,” but instead a title. The title was first given to Octavius (successor to Julius Caesar) by the Roman senate, and later used by his successors. It meant “revered” or “worshipped one.” The title is later used for Nero in (Acts 25:21,25). From this word, we get our month “August.”

**Note: There was a Caesar named “Caligula” who ruled after Tiberius from A.D. 37-41. He is not mentioned in the Bible.

***Note: Footnote at the end of 2nd Timothy in some KJV Bibles says: “… was written from Rome, when Paul was brought before Nero the second time.”

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