Q: #467. How many Caesars are mentioned in the Bible?

     A: The name “Caesar” (or Caesar’s) is used 30 times in the New Testament. There are 4 men named Caesar in the New Testament. All but Nero are mentioned by name. Two of these, Tiberius and Nero, are alluded to in a number of verses when the name “Caesar” is mentioned. Following is a list of these 4 men, when they ruled, and the verses in which they are mentioned by name or alluded to.

NameRuled FromVerses
Augustus Caesar27 B.C. – A.D. 14(Lk 2:1 – by name)
Tiberius CaesarA.D. 14-37(Lk 3:1 – by name) (Mt 22:17-21)(Mk 12:14-17)(Lk 20:22-25)(Lk 23:2)(Jn 19:12,15)
Claudius Caesar
A.D. 41-54(Acts 11:28 – by name)(Acts 17:7)(Acts 18:2 – by name)
Nero CaesarA.D. 54-68 (Acts 25:8-12,21,25)(Acts 26:32)(Acts 27:24)(Acts 28:19)(Phil 4:22)

**Note: There was a Caesar named “Caligula” who ruled after Tiberius from A.D. 37-41. He is not mentioned in the Bible.

***Note: Footnote at the end of 2nd Timothy in some KJV Bibles says: “… was written from Rome, when Paul was brought before Nero the second time.”

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