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Bible Study Outline: Jesus In The Old Testament

Written By: Steve Shirley

     I believe that finding “Physical Appearances Of Jesus In The Old Testament” is one of the most fascinating things in the Bible to study! I have spent weeks studying this subject, and it has resulted in one of my largest studies. I have taught this study to 3 of my classes (so far). In doing so, I did not pass out an outline to the classes (as I usually do), but instead, I wanted to guide them to each place (one by one) where Jesus can be found in the Old Testament, and let them read it for themselves. My hope has been that as they read these verses, they will see “physical” appearances of Jesus, just as I did.

     In writing this study, I have broken it down into sections. I would urge the teacher to take the sections one at a time, and have the students look up the different verses. (Sometimes, with multiple verses, it works well to assign one verse to each person, and have them read it aloud one by one, that way everyone doesn’t have to turn to each verse.) Use the study as a guide to explain the verses they are reading. I pray that this study will bless you, and your class, as many of my students said it blessed them.

     Here is the link to this Bible study:

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